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Full Stack Development and the Emergence of Serverless Computing

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By sandeshPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

During the previous five years, there have been significant changes in both front-end and back-end development. As consumers worldwide become more stateful, development services are helping them become stateless and smaller. Allowing DevOps skills to use serverless technology reduces the challenge of managing time-consuming services and functions. The complexity of managing state and interactions increases as the project and customer grow larger. Tools and frameworks have begun to appear because they enable developers to concentrate on producing products rapidly.

In case you're wondering, I'm bringing up this topic because there are many viable options for developing new applications. One of the promising ways I've observed in the last couple of years is that both the front-end and back-end allow developers to create intriguing applications quickly. Modern front-end developers can build reliable full-stack applications with no back-end coding.

What is serverless computing?

A computing model known as "serverless" helps full stack developers create business logic functions and gives them access to the cloud to execute those functions. Companies can decrease IT operations costs, be more responsive to consumer demand, and offer services more quickly by using the environment without virtual machines and visible processes.

Humans consume water, to put it simply. When people are thirsty or performing any regular activity, they always need water. So, we must open the faucet, use the water, and then shut the faucet. Do the same thing once more if you wish to use it. It could be seen as a general description of serverless archives.

Qualities of a Serverless Application

Following are some attributes and characteristics that the industry agrees upon, even if you could hear varying definitions of serverless.

UI Toolkits and Frameworks

Due to the growth of SPAs, complicated data problems, elevated expectations, and different device targets, there have been ever more complications on the front-end side during the last five years. These solutions focus on managing business and technical concerns as serverless computing matures. On the basis of its building components, frameworks like Gatsby, Expo, Ionic, and Meteor enable the creation of high-quality apps. With an IBM-accredited full stack developer course, anyone can master these frameworks and develop any type of web application.

Service-oriented and serverless

Cost savings and scalability come in a huge pile, as you would know if you have ever designed an application in a really serverless manner. Additionally, if you found managing microservices to be a laborious chore, split up the functions into their respective locations and put them all together using events.

Technology typically moves through the complexity phase as it advances. Serverless comprises high-level abstractions, topic configuration, and lambda functions, and its users may identify as product or front-end developers.

It offers a vast array of service-oriented serverless products that can enable you to take advantage of the scalability of serverless but abstract away valuable products to address particular domain problems.

Serverless architecture advantages

An application can be built in a variety of methods today. The choices taken at the beginning will affect the development teams, the firm or organization, and the application life cycle. I promote the use of serverless technologies and processes for application development in this book and provide some examples of how you may achieve it. But why develop your app in this way, and why is serverless technology gaining so much traction?


Scalability right out of the box is one of the main benefits of going serverless. When developing your application, you don't need to be concerned about what would happen if it became highly successful and you quickly onboarded many new customers because the cloud provider will take care of this for you.

Reduced Complexity

Complexity declines as code size decreases. The conversation shifts from dealing with complexity to getting rid of complications. Due to their removal from your code base, the complexity will only last a while.

Lower Cost

Increased programmer velocity brings about benefits. In this trading approach, you exchange capital expenditure for various expenses. Therefore, there are better alternatives than paying X dollars to a developer to subscribe to a specific set of features and API about the implementation's underpinnings.

Advanced and Secure

For the purpose of upkeep and ongoing improvement, these services employ a group of specialists. Both consumers and users who use it in huge numbers are served. It means you will have a group of talented programmers to create something that would require a significant amount of time if it were to be done manually.


A rising number of businesses are turning to the cloud for most of their workloads, causing cloud computing to expand quickly. Knowing about cloud computing is becoming more and more valuable as a skill set due to the increase in usage.

A subset of cloud computing called serverless, which offers all the advantages of cloud computing along with autonomous scaling and minimal to no maintenance requirements, is also quickly gaining appeal among commercial customers. Want to upgrade your skill sets to work as a developer in cloud computing firms? Join the best full stack software development course today and master the in-demand tech skills from MAANG experts.


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