From Senior to Freshman

Advice from a High School Senior to All of the Freshman Currently and to Come

From Senior to Freshman

From a senior, advice is something that comes too far and few between.

So, here I am to make it a little bit easier, give some form of advice for the freshman.

Freshman, I know it is terrifying. Trust me, I've been there. We've all been there. There are a few things you should know once you get into your freshman year, but since no one cares enough to talk about it, allow me to explain some of the things I have learned as a recovering freshman.

1. Do not make upper classmen mad.

Honestly, the worst thing you can do your freshman year is make a junior or senior mad. Yeah, it sucks when it comes from a senior, but the worst is making a sophomore mad at you. Wanna know why? Because you are stuck with them until your junior year. By senior year, you would have gone through so much torment that it isn't even worth trying to prove yourself anymore.

As much as it might kill you, just get through freshman year. That is the hardest thing. Just get through it. Figure everything out, make connections, and just get through it.

2. Social status means nothing.

I know, this sounds very against any movie that you see about high school, but it's true. The only cliques you have to be worried about are the people who are just plain rude. Those are the people you need to avoid.

Social status just becomes an idea, but no one cares. At this point in your life, everyone is going through the same thing you are, and it sucks. The best thing you can do is just try and get through it with people you actually enjoy, rather than trying to make yourself go through endless rounds of hell all because you want to be "popular." Popular is not a thing by freshman year. Instead, there is just rude, bitchy, and sensible. Be a sensible human.

3. Teachers are not against you.

I don't know how many times during my four years I have heard that teachers are out to get students. That is not the case. The only thing teachers are after you for is your work ethic. Good teachers are going to accept what you give them, and only expect a little more. Great teachers, however, are going to push you to your breaking point, and once they get you there, they are going to push you a little bit further, allowing you to break your own limits.

And honestly, the only reason you are failing that class is because you think that doing homework is unnecessary because "you're just a freshman" and it "won't matter for colleges." That's bull. I know a person who is extremely intelligent, but his freshman year took away any possibility of him getting into NHS or getting into his dream school. Those grades stay with you forever, so take some initiative your freshman year.

4. Trying is not "uncool."

Seriously, I wish I was joking, but I'm not. My freshman year I actually had people in my class tell me they don't care enough to try. When I asked them why not, they said it was "too nerdy" and it would make them look "uncool" if they had good grades.

You know what it "uncool"? Not getting accepted to your dream school your senior year because freshman year you felt that how you looked to the class was more important than your future. You wanna know what being "uncool" can lead to? A Bachelor's degree from the school of your dreams.

5. Get involved.

Yes, high school, especially freshman year, can be insanely stressful. However, being stressed does not mean you should quit everything so you can focus on your studies. High school is once, take advantage of it.

Any club you can get into, or have an interest in, join. Not only do a lot of colleges love to see multiple years of extra curricular activities, but also it is a great way to meet new people, and meeting people that have the same interests as you is an added bonus, so cherish it.

Also, on a note of getting involved, I have to say, if the thing you joined doesn't turn out into what you want it to be, don't be afraid to quit. The whole point of high school is trying things out, finding your path, so quitting something for the sake of self-betterment is okay. Now, that does not mean you can quit school to become a "gluten-free, lactose-free, soy-free entrepreneur" (yes, people have told me such ridiculous things) because, sorry to say honey, but I doubt that is going to work.

Finally, the one thing I can say is this: high school is about trial and error. You have to mess up before you get anywhere.

Remember, live and learn.

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