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Five Types of Homeschoolers

by Awesome One 5 years ago in teacher
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Just five types of homeschoolers that are fun and weird.

Growing up in the Christian community is different, but growing up Baptist was a whole other experience. My very religious parents kept me very sheltered and away from all the "worldly experiences." They did this by homeschooling me and my three other siblings.

My mother would make sure we got out though. We had friends through church and some neighborhood kids, as well as some home school groups that we would take field trips with. There are many different versions of homeschoolers that I would meet and play with. So when asked how homeschoolers act its hard to get a straight answer, so here are my top five different kinds of homeschoolers I met throughout my life.

1) The Stereotypical Sheltered One

This is the one that everyone thinks of when I first mentioned I was homeschooled growing up. This is the person that has no idea how to behave in public. They will stand off to the side and try not to talk at all. If you do try to strike up a conversation with them it will be like talking to a wall. They can answer yes and no questions, but anything above that will be harder to answer.

The good thing about this kind of homeschooler though is once you become friends with them they will be loyal to you. Because they don't know how to behave in public you will have to teach them how to act and not make others mad at them. But in return they will help you through difficult times and usually stick up for you... once they know how to behave in public.

2) The One that Doesn't Learn Anything

When a child is kicked out of multiple schools and the parents have run out of options, sometimes you end up with this one. A child who they say are homeschooling, but in reality the child isn't doing any actual schoolwork and is running around doing anything they want. They will get in trouble with the police and probably end up in jail before they turn 18.

If you do become friends with this child before they go to jail, you will have a lot of stories to tell your children. Half of them will be running from the cops or breaking and entering after you sneak out of the house. But you will have a lot of good memories to remember from your childhood... assuming you can run faster then the rest of your friends to get away from the police.

3) The One that Has Like a Million Family Members

Most homeschoolers can relate to this one. They are the child who has at least 10 siblings. There parents don't believe in birth control, so they just keep popping out kids. After about 12 or 13 they usually stop, so the older siblings know how to take care of the younger ones and they are constantly with one of their siblings.

This is another person who will by loyal to you once they are friends with you. The great part is that as long as you are respectful towards them, everyone in the family will be on your side. If there comes a time when you no longer see them or keep in touch, but run into one of the siblings, they will still stick up for you and keep you informed about the family as a whole. The whole family will do their best to help you out if you need it and you are always welcome there.

4) Churchgoers

This is one that is a lot of homeschoolers. They go to church about every day. Sunday is church, Monday is AWANA, Tuesday is bible study. The list goes on and on. Anything and everything is about church. These kids do nothing to break rules and it's not because of Santa. God is always watching, they know it.

Usually these kids are great because if you're in trouble they will try to help you. They are selfless and really do care. They make a point to invite you to every youth group event and, when you go, some are fun.

5) The "Normal" One

This is the kid that goes out and makes friends, cares, and knows how to behave in social situations. Everyone in public school knows this kid as the funny homeschooler, and he gets invited to parties and events outside of school. They are in the loop about the latest trends, music, and pretty much anything.

These are just the top five I have run into the most throughout my days of homeschooling and post-college. You will probably run into at least four of these kinds throughout your life, but not all homeschoolers are weird. They are just different, and they look at life in a completely different way than "normal people" will. So befriend one, and see where life takes you.


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Awesome One

Just a very different girl trying to make sense of the world around her. Willingness to try new things and meet people from all over the world makes for great stories.

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