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Five things not to miss when looking for student accommodation in Dublin

It may take you a while to find good student accommodation in Dublin. However, it is best to not compromise on any of the five things I have mentioned in this article.

By Steve BladePublished about a year ago 4 min read
Five things not to miss when looking for student accommodation in Dublin
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Dublin is a very popular place for work, living as well as studying. However, for new students, it is very important that they find good accommodation which is comfortable as well as affordable. In this blog post, I will be discussing five criteria you should focus on when looking for student accommodation in Dublin.

1. The location of the accommodation

You already know how important the location of the property is where you decide to live. If theprivate student accommodations available near the university are expensive, look for places away from the university but with easy access to public transport (bus stops, metro) so that commuting to and from the university or any other place is not an issue. Also, check that the location should have supermarkets, hospitals, and other local amenities nearby.

2. Safety and security

If you choose a location that is known to harbor students, chances are the crime rate at that location would be high. Students are more likely to leave their windows and doors open or forget that the house keys are still in the lock of the front door.

When looking for private student accommodation, you should make sure that the doors are properly secured. An additional bonus would be having a burglar alarm system. If the burglar alarm system is not available, the building should at least have secured entry at the main door.

If you feel that the security of the house is not up to the mark, discuss this with your landlord. Most likely, your landlord will be happy to change the access locks and improve the locks to secure your belongings as well as the house from thieves.

If you are new to the area, conduct some research beforehand regarding the safety of the place. Houses located on well-lit roads are more secure than regions that do not have a lot of street lamps. As a student, you may find that quiet regions are more appealing to you but unfortunately, the crime rate in quiet regions is higher.

One more thing to check with regards to the house would be that the property should have fire blankets, fire extinguishers as well as working fire alarms. In case you decide to reside in a multi-occupant house, make sure that there are exits that are marked clearly.

3. Check the electric appliances

If household appliances are included in your tenancy agreement, do not be afraid to check them out before you decide to rent the private student accommodation. If you find any appliance that is in need of repair, discuss this with your landlord and make sure that the repairs are done before you move into the house.

Go through the house and make sure that there are enough number of appliances to cater for everyone living in the house. For example, if you are moving in a house which already has five tenants and possesses only one working ridge, it may not be the right accommodation for you.

Remember to check out the cables as well as plug sockets. If you come across dodgy-looking sockets or if the cables are exposed, it is a disaster waiting to happen and must be addressed before you decide to move in.

4. Water supply

Water is something that must be on your list of things to check when looking for student accommodation Dublin. Make sure to turn the taps and check that the water should not continue to fall after the tap has been shut off. Remember to check the toilet flush as well.

Check the room for any damp patches on the bathroom for any possible water leaks. Water damage can be expensive to repair and might make your living hard as well.

5. Check the insulation of the house

A well-insulated house can reduce the electricity bill by £100 every year. A few things to keep in mind when checking the installation of the house are:

• Secure doors

• Good heating system

• Double glazed windows

• Absence of drafty spots

Check the walls of the property as well. If the walls are cold, it is a clear-cut indication that the house is not well insulated. Along with the indoor insulation, check the roof to make sure that there are no missing tiles. Missing tiles in the roof can lead to leakage all through the year.


It may take you a while to find good student accommodation in Dublin. However, it is best to not compromise on any of the five things I have mentioned above. You may be tempted to finalize the first private student accommodation you see, but take your time and check out a few others before you make a decision. The primary thing of importance here is that the house should be suited to your needs, have amicable housemates, and easily accessible transportation.


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