First Time for Everything

by Liz Hutch 2 years ago in student

College, Jobs, and Having a Bank Account

First Time for Everything

My first semester as a college student is coming to an end and I thought it might be a good time for some reflection. As a first time college student I got my first job and my first bank account, and most recently, created my first business. My first semester went well enough for a first semester. I had classes that I enjoyed, I made a few friends, and I'm not failing anything. There may have been a bombed math test somewhere in that mess but nothing to worry about. I set foot on campus and immediately felt like I could succeed. High school first days however, are a story for another time.

For my first job, I began working at River & Rail Theatre Company. It's run by one of my professors and I absolutely love it. From the very first minute you're there, it feels like a family. A great example of this feeling is the first rehearsal for the production we are in the middle of. The first rehearsal is what has been dubbed by the director as a "cookies and milk" rehearsal. You come in and grab cookies and milk as we get to know the cast and crew that we will be working with for the span of the show. It's really cool and I will be doing something similar with my business come time to get things rolling.

The new business is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time and finally sat down and got it together. Project Blackbird Productions is something that I will be pouring my life into as soon as I can get it started. The name, as if it isn't obvious, is heavily Beatles inspired as I basically have a soul that lives in the 70s. I chose the name for that reason as well as the fact that it is simple, yet elegant and professional. Three things which I strive to be with this endeavor. The hardest part of something like this is getting people to apply for the jobs you have open. But once you get that part over and done with, it's usually smooth sailing.

Another on the list of firsts, I opened my first bank account. It can seem intimidating at first but once you walk into the bank it's more like ripping off a band-aid and getting on with it. The feeling of freedom that comes with having your own money to spend also comes with a great feeling of hesitation because you don't want to spend it but at the same time you do. You just don't really know how to deal with your money at this point. If there is anything I have learned, it's that you should always weigh out the need vs. want aspect of every item you are interested in buying. This makes the decision much easier and more often than not, results in not purchasing the item at all.

This list of firsts is sure to have things added to it as time goes on but for now I think that this is it. I can't wait to tell you more about what happens in my quaint little life but hopefully you'll stick around until next time guys!

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