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First Day in College

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By Soundarya Adaragi Published 2 months ago 3 min read
First Day in College
Photo by Michael Marsh on Unsplash

The FIRST DAY OF COLLEGE. First day of college is always very special day to everyone. It has often a mixture of excitements, anxiety, and a bunch of expectations. This is the beginning of new journey in our life where we get plenty of opportunities to growth and learn.

My first day in college was a most unforgettable day of my life. I can never ever forget that day. Because it is filled with lots of good memories and unbeatable bonds. and also day with full of gladness and thrill. when i was in school my teachers used to say about college life. That time i imagined how it would be mine. of course i am so curious and waiting for the day when i also go to my college. I thought that the college life is so free and vibe will be like chill because threats are less and independence is more to do anything or any stuffs. Finally that day comes when i have gone to my college.

I woke up early in the morning and that day i felt so peace. A wind was blowing smoothly i felt that was singing a song for me. lightly the sun was arising. his rays are touching the earth's surface very gently. birds were chirping and singing in dawn chorus. I cleaned my teeth by watching them and involving in that nature. how the time goes out very early i did not get. I got my bath and dressed up very gently. In hostel the aunty made very delicious breakfast. I done my breakfast and went to college in hurry-burry.

I was really very excited to enter the college for the first time. In my ear one song was recalling that "first day, first day, college first day, first day, first day". Finally i went to college and i saw a girl with free hair and silent nature. I went towards her and introduce myself to her. She also new to that college so she replied me in low tone. We together started to find orientation room. All new comers gathered in a big hall. In all faces i saw a excitement. Orientation Starts and principle, vice principle gave speech. And some teachers said about rules and regulations. At the end of Orientation program college roll numbers are given to all. And we both decided to take a tour of college. There were very big classes and very big playground. we saw a very big library. I was happy that i could found variety of books to read. There are separate buildings for dance and music classes. In music class students are playing with different instruments and learning how to play a good music rhythm. Before going to that college i learnt music and got junior certificate. I got more interest in that music and starts to sing with their rhythm. That moment i really enjoyed a lot.

After we both went to our class. Then came our class teacher and then normal introduction and stuff happened. It took almost around 1 hour. Everyone tried to showcase their talent and to get a good impression of themselves. Like this our first class was ended. Rest of the day passed away in different activities welcoming and all

So this was my first day of my college. short and sweet.... The girl whom i befriended on the first day became Such a good friend of mine later. My four years in college passed so soon. Now also i miss those days. But those memories are always printed on my heart. I love my College days.


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  • Radhika Biradarpatil2 months ago

    Your amazing writer 🫵✌️

  • Sushmita Kokatanur2 months ago

    Nice content.thanks for recalling my college days

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