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Factors to Consider Before Getting Enrolled in an IAS Coaching Institute

Important Factors To Look Before Choosing The Online IAS Coaching

By Arpit AdlakhaPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Are you going to appear for the upcoming IAS examination? For that, you undoubtedly need to get enrolled in a perfect IAS coaching institute. But, before you go further, here are a few factors you must consider before enrolling in an IAS coaching institute.

Keep reading this guide till the end to explore all 6 factors to consider while selecting an IAS coaching institute.

1. The success ratio of the institute and the previous year’s result

We live in a world where result speaks louder than anything else. Therefore, while selecting an IAS coaching institute for your upcoming IAS preparation, always assess the institution's success ratio and its previous year's result. It is the only way to determine whether the institute is telling the truth or just catfishing you for money-making. However, it doesn't mean that you should only enroll in the big and well-known IAS coaching institutes in Delhi since there are plenty of other promising institutes with great results and success ratios. So, keep an eye on how far the success rate of the students of previous years' are consistent, and then only enroll there.

2. Go through ratings, reviews, and feedback

No one can tell better about a coaching institute than the students who have actually studied there. So, before selecting an IAS institute in Delhi, go through all reviews and feedback on the official site of the institute. On the other hand, you can also contact the candidates who have passed from the institute before you and ask them for genuine feedback. In this way, you can understand a lot about your selected institute, the faculties, their teaching methods, and more. Now, when you have collected all basic information about the institution, get enrolled if most of them are on the positive side, and search for others if you are not satisfied.

3. Study materials

Study materials play a crucial role in your entire IAS examination journey. Therefore when you get enrolled in an institution, you must expect good-quality and effective study materials from them. before you enroll in an institute, keep an eye on whether the study materials they provide are relevant, up-to-date, or not. Additionally, if necessary, talk to the faculties and institute managers to understand everything about the materials.

4. The environment of the institute

An Educational Institute must provide a great environment so students can grow simultaneously without issues. Your selected IAS institute in Delhi must provide a student-friendly environment where students can also get the opportunity to ask questions along with learn. The institute must contain doubt clearing sessions where students can freely ask whatever they want to the faculties and can get positive and relevant answers. Additionally, your chosen institute must encourage group studies, and group discussion since learning in groups increases the effectiveness of studies for an extremely competitive exam like IAS. So while selecting a coaching institute look out whether the faculties are friendly enough.

5. Mock tests

A mock test is an inevitable part of a highly competitive examination like IAS. A couple of mock test series are enough to make you fully prepare for the final examination. Additionally, these tests allow you to identify your strengths as well as weaknesses so that you can focus on your study better. Therefore you should always get your hands on IAS coaching institutes in Delhi that offer mock tests before the final exam. A good IAS coaching institute must offer multiple mock test series for students following the final exam pattern. In this way, with the help of the faculty members of your institution, you can identify your errors and work hard on them so that you can get great marks on the final examination.

6. Location

Lastly, location also plays a vital role in your entire IAS coaching center selection process. In case you live far from your selected coaching center, it would not be possible for you to come and attend the institute daily. As a result, you will be left behind the rest. In that case, you can live in a PG or hostel. Therefore, always make sure to select the IAS institute in Delhi, depending on your location. On the other hand, if you prefer a regular journey, select an institute within a few kilometers so that you can get enough time to read at home as well.


These, in short, were the top six factors you must consider before getting enrolled in an IAS institute. So, find out the best institute in your area with an excellent success ratio, highly professional and amicable faculties that offer mock-tests, doubt clearing sessions, etc. Now get enrolled and achieve the milestones you want. Click here to read Everything You Need to Know About Indian Forest Service (IFS) Exam.


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