Explore The Options To Extend Your Stay in Australia

Regulations on the Australian Visa

Explore The Options To Extend Your Stay in Australia

The laws in Australia in respect to having the overstaying are being outlined in the Migration Act 1958 & the Migration Regulations 1994. It is a well known fact that when one have the application for the visa to enter the Australian region, the person too comply with all of the conditions in respect to stay in the place. It too have the inclusion of the essentials to be considered while leaving the Australian region before the expiry of your visa application. In case, the person have the stay in the region after the expiry of the visa, then he or she would be considered as the unlawful non- citizen in Australia. In this case, the person could detained from Australia. In this situation, the Australian government could also have the recovery of the cost from the particular person who has done so.

It is essential to be known that in case you are living in Australia and your visa application is going to expire, then you are obliged to resolve your immigration status with the Australian government. For the purpose of visa extension, there rests a lot of options to extend your time to stay in Australia. The same are like you can go for the application of the Bridging visa, or the varied class of the visa all depending on the reason why you are desiring to have the visa extension in Australia. It is also vital for the individual that he or she should have the consultation with the Department of the Home Affairs, as the person would get better suggestions from the authorities. There might occur a lot of consequences if the person intend to return to the Australian economy in the future time for any of the reason.

Like, if it is like that your visa is expired and you have the ticket for other nation, in this state you would not be allowed to move to the airport. In this case, you might be sent to the detention center or arrested by the Australian police. In this situation, you are required to move to the Department of Home Affairs along with your ticket and have the application for the Bridging Visa E on the form #1008. You would attain the grant for the visa and could b also allowed to stay in the region till the date of your flight to the other nation.

Visa Overstaying for less than the time period of 28 days

An individual could easily have the application for the visa to remain in the Australian region. It is all because of having the relationship with the permanent resident or the Australian citizen. This situation rests if your visa is expired for less than the time period of 28 days. One may also seek the legal advice in the aspect. In order to have the resolution of the threats, one would be referred to the Community Status Resolution Service. Here, you would be given with all of the required assistance in respect to the immigration matters in Australia. In case, you contact within 28 days of the visa expiry, you can be also availed with the option of having the visa extension in the region or could have the application for the Bridging Visa.

Visa Overstaying for more than 28 days time span

An individual would be subject to the exclusion period in case you remain in Australia illegally for more than the time period of 28 days after having the visa expiry. In this case, you would not be provided with the visa to move to and fro of the Australian economy for the minimum time period of 3 years. This period would be also applicable to you in case you left the Australian region on voluntary aspects. Not only this, the individual could not have the application for any of the visa unless he or she is free from all of the debts of the Australian government. Hence, it would have the inclusion of the costs in respect to detaining the individual from the nation.

Certain other options are too availed to the individuals in the aspect. One could too have the words with the immigration authorities or the Department of Home Affairs to gain the legal assistance in the aspect of visa overstay in Australia.

Other Visa Options

After the Immigration Minister have the finalizing of your immigration matter, you may have the application for the bridging visa in order to have the extension of stay in the region. Hence, your further options for the visa would also be based in the aspect whether you have any of the visa refusal in Australia since the time you arrived the nation. The bridging visa is excluded in this aspect. Also, the time you overstayed in the region is considered. In case, your visa is canceled or refused, you could have the application for the protection visa or a temporary visa to work and study in Australia. It is in case you are a New Zealand. Some of the child or the partner visas are also included in the section. Previously, if you have been refused with any of the protection visa, then in this case you could not have the application for another protection visa. One could have the application for the partner visa, in case he or she gives the proof for the aspect the person is a unlawful Australian citizen and have also overstayed in the region based on the factors which were assumed to be beyond the control of the authorities.

Thus, the varied other visa options for extending the stay in Australia would be like the mentioned below;

• Visitor Visa: One can easily remain in the Australian region for a short period of time with visitor visa. One can attend the graduation ceremony with this visa and could also stay for a holiday in the region.

• Skilled Visa: One can go for this visa in case the individual have completed with one or more Australian degrees in the region. It just considers 2 years of the full time study in Australia.

• Employer Sponsored Visa: This visa is for the individuals who gets the offer of the employment from any of the employer in the Australian region.

Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485: This visa is meant for those group of the individuals who does not meet out the requirements for the General Skilled Migration Visa for staying in the Australian region. It helps in staying for the time period of 18 months to gain with the skilled work experience and have the improvement in the English language skills.

In case you require any of the the information of the aspect of visa extension, one could have words with the Immigration Agent Perth. The professionals would assist you in the best possible manner for the resolution of our visa based queries.

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