Entering College? Feeling Terrified. Here Are My Top 5 Tips on How to Start Off Great!

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Feeling Terrified? Don't be these tips will save the day!

Entering College? Feeling Terrified. Here Are My Top 5 Tips on How to Start Off Great!

Entering College? Feeling Terrified. Here are my Top 5 Tips on how to start off Great!

I’m a College student at University of Nevada Las Vegas! I’m a junior and psychology major. I went to the College of Southern Nevada for two years, and now I’m finishing up at the University. I never had these tips when I first started in college, and I’m telling you this right now; these tips will save your college experience! So enjoy this article and have fun!

There are no stupid questions in college.

When you enter college you feel terrified and scared to death to ask questions of the Professors, or of employees. You may feel shy, and then you may think, I won’t ask that because it’s a stupid question. Trust me I feel you. I’m the type of person that was always so scared to ask questions in high school, because I thought they were stupid. But in college, you cannot do that, because there is no such thing as stupid questions.

On my first day in my Biology class during Spring 2017, the first thing my professor said was. “Okay guys, first off I want you to know there are no stupid questions in this class.” That is the truth, and I have taken that advice and used it in class. I’m pretty sure by the time I’m done in my class each term the professor calls me annoying, because I was so active in asking questions. But it helped me earn a great grade, because I understood how to study better for the class and how to show my professor I’m listening. You need to ask questions no matter how stupid they feel, ignore that feeling and just ask them. Trust me it will lift the weight off your shoulders, and it will bring relief to you and your fellow classmates.

“Keep Bugging” Keep bugging the employees if you are still waiting for an answer. Don’t be afraid to keep calling and continue to ask questions until you get your answers.

I know that it sounds crazy, but trust me it is worth it when you bother the employees and more. That is the only way you are going to get answers from them. When I first started college I would call Financial Aid, Registrar, and Veterans Affairs over and over again. Just to make sure I understood what I have to do, and ensure that I am doing everything correctly. I’m pretty sure they are sick of me by the time the term is over, because I want to make sure I do everything perfectly and I get it done on the first try. It’s easier to get it done on the first try than to make multiple mistakes, and keep calling them over and over again. Then again I’m not saying that I always get it done perfectly—no that’s highly impossible. But I avoid a lot of mistakes by calling more than once to ensure that everything is alright. It pays off in the end, and trust me it’s more satisfying knowing you got all the answers you needed and didn’t mess up, than to find out you screwed up, and that it’s too late to fix that mistake.

Visit a counselor at least once during the semester.

I’m the type of person that always goes and visits my professor once or twice during the semester. It’s always good to talk to them about your degree and your classes because they are here to help you and encourage you. I’m not a fan of talking to someone like a counselor, I get so shy and feel like I’m about to ask stupid questions—but I realize my questions are never stupid, because everything I ask has an answer that will help me. The best thing about college counselors is you can see all of them, you don’t have to stick to one counselor like in high school. Which I like a lot; that means you get a fresh point of view that will help when you are continuing your experience.

One of the best things for me is that sometimes I can have a counseling appointment over the phone, and that saves me so much time and it helps so much. I can write down everything while talking on the phone. I don’t have to drive over to campus for a thirty-minute appointment, and if I have any other questions I can just email my counselor right away. It’s always so great to do that. I’m the choosy person when it comes to counselors, I can be picky, and right now I officially have two counselors that I love so much that help me out!

Always ask for suggestions from fellow classmates about professors or classes.

I am the person that will go through my professor’s ratings and read all the reviews. I’m very particular and very picky at times. I had at least five awful professors during college that I almost failed classes for. All of them had mediocre reviews, but at least with the reviews, I knew what I was getting myself into. Out of those five classes, I passed three and failed two. But after those classes I talked to my fellow classmates. They told me to go to these other professors, and I did. I took their classes and passed with flying colors. Asking my fellow classmates has saved me so many times in college. Even if you don’t talk to your fellow classmates, at least ask around, it helps so much, and then using rate my professor will also help. You know what you are comfortable with, and you know your boundaries, and asking for help can help you choose the best college class list ever!

Check Rate My Professor.

Rate My Professor is a savior. I promise you that it’s a life savior. Yes, there are some professors that may not even be mentioned, but the chances of that professor being bad are very low. The reviews on rate my professor are always on point, and when I choose that class and I experience it, I’m satisfied and I’m relieved—and I thank Rate My Professor ever single term. You will thank me later. Use Rate My Professor! It’s very simple to use Rate My Professor. Create your account, then search your professor with the school, and then read the reviews for that specific class. It helps so much, and do not hesitate to add your rating at the end of the term—it does help so much!

When I started in college, I dealt with one semester and I had one awful professor for psychology 101. I didn’t find out until finals week that Rate My Professor existed. I pulled up her reviews, and they were just as awful as my experience. I was shocked and so scared that I dealt with this for a whole semester. I mean I had a C, and I’m a psychology major. Having a C is not good. Even though I never struggled in the class, I struggled with my professor who gave me that grade. After that first term, the only bad professor I had was when my English professor was sick and had to pull out from teaching the class, and the substitute that was chosen was announced on the first day and it was too late to drop.

I hope these tips help you guys, I was so happy to create this list and I hope that these tips help you. Some people are different from others and I totally understand that, but I’m glad that you guys even considered to open this article and read it. I’m so excited about school, and I know you will be more happy about school once you follow these tips. Just remember if you have an amazing support system like from your parents, friends, and family, I promise that the stress will meltdown for you—and I know you will do great in the end! Good luck! Enjoy College, and have an excellent experience!

Janelle Thompson
Janelle Thompson
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