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elon musk says twitter has a exceed 8 billion user minutes per day

8 billion user minutes per day

By Sah BrosPublished about a year ago 3 min read
elon musk says twitter has a exceed 8 billion user minutes per day
Photo by Souvik Banerjee on Unsplash

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has recently announced that the company has been growing at an impressive rate, having already surpassed a staggering 8 billion user minutes per day. He also announced a series of significant improvements that the popular microblogging platform will undergo in the near future.

One of the most notable announcements made by Musk was that Twitter would be open-sourcing all the code used to recommend tweets. This is set to take place on March 31, 2023, and will allow developers to see and contribute to the recommendation algorithm. Musk believes that this code transparency will lead to a rapid improvement in the quality of tweet recommendation

Musk also disclosed that the platform will soon prioritize responses from followers, verified accounts, and unverified accounts in the coming weeks. This is a major shift in the way Twitter handles responses and will have a significant impact on how users interact with each other on the platform.

In addition, Twitter will be implementing a change to its two-factor authentication (2FA) system, which will be limited to Twitter Blue subscribers starting from March 20, 2023. This new system will provide an extra layer of security for Twitter Blue subscribers, ensuring that their accounts are well-protected against unauthorized access.

Elon Musk shared in a separate tweet that Twitter will be leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and bring attention to instances of public opinion manipulation in the near future. This move is part of Twitter's ongoing efforts to maintain a safe and transparent environment for its users.

Twitter has just recently introduced a new feature that allows iOS users to see the number of times their tweets have been bookmarked by other users. This is an improvement that will provide valuable insights to users and enable them to better understand the popularity and impact of their tweets.

Verified accounts are 1,000x harder to game by bot and troll armies. There is great wisdom to the old saying: 'You get what you pay for'," he added.

Several users expressed their thoughts on Musk's post.

"Amazing. Thank you. Hope this fixes the engagement issues large accounts are dealing with. So excited to see what comes next," a user tweeted.

"This is a good feature. Other than that, recently, when you like someone else's post, the fact that you did it is no longer displayed. Is this also thanks to Elon?" another user wrote.

Any true human can get verified. It’s only $7/month if bought annually via web (without App Store 30% premium).

Meanwhile, Musk has said that Twitter will open source all code used for recommending tweets on March 31. He tweeted: "Twitter will open source all code used to recommend tweets on March 31."

"Our 'algorithm' is overly complex and not fully understood internally. People will discover many silly things, but we'll patch issues as soon as they're found," Musk added.

(With inputs from IANS)

Also, starting on March 20, 2023, Twitter will begin modifying its two-factor authentication (2FA) mechanism that will only apply to Twitter Blue members. For Twitter Blue members, this new approach will add extra protection, guaranteeing that their accounts are well-protected against illegal access.

In a different tweet, Elon Musk said that Twitter would soon use artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and draw attention to instances of public opinion manipulation. This action is a part of Twitter’s continued efforts to keep its users in a secure and open environment.

The number of times a user has saved a tweet can now be seen by iOS users thanks to a new feature that micro blogging platform has released. Users will benefit from this upgrade by getting useful information that will help them understand the effect and popularity of their tweets.


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