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Effective Practice After Violin Lessons

violin lessons Singapore

By Stradivari StringsPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
Violin Lessons

Learning to play the violin requires long hours of training. Every violin student understands this. The total practice you put in after your violin lessons equals how great a violinist you can become. Violin teachers also urge their students to practice as much as possible. This is because the amount of practice you do after your violin lessons Singapore would never be enough. It doesn't matter the number of hours you put into practice, you would still feel like something is missing. But again, spending every minute practising would not make you a professional instantly.

Apart from the practice itself, it would help if you also considered making the most out of your practice. We will be discussing some ways which will make your practice more effective. Within no time, you would see that you can get a grasp of your violin lessons.

Practice Your Violin Lessons Singapore

Initially, every violinist needs to know about the importance of constant practice. We understand deliberate practice is difficult. However, if you can do so, then it is highly effective. Now you must be wondering what do we mean by "deliberately" practising?

Deliberate practice means that you need to keep all your thoughts focused on your practice sessions for the entire time. You do not need to think about anything else while you practice your violin lessons. Because if you do, you will find it challenging to manage your sessions effectively. The tips we will share today will solely focus on the core of deliberate practice sessions.

Although you are free to have your regimen like any other violin player, you can still develop your deliberate practice style and begin to see great results. Furthermore, you can incorporate these practice habits and visualization techniques to convert yourself into a professional violin player within no time.

violin lessons

Visualize Your Goals For Your Violin Lessons

If you are unsure about your current goal, making progress can be difficult. Instead of concentrating on your violin lessons Singapore, you are thinking about finger-style guitar playing. That is where you are wrong! You are supposed to focus your mind entirely on how your practice should be done and in a proper way. It is pretty necessary to create realistic images while you are playing the violin. It would be best if you felt this instrument while playing. If you can learn perfectly from your violin lessons, your instrument would produce a perfect sound. By keeping track of your practice sessions, you can focus on the desired outcome. You wouldn't be held back by your current limitation.

Keep Your Surroundings Organized

The place where your practice has a direct influence is worth taking into consideration. It is a significant factor that you need to consider before you can grasp your violin lessons Singapore. Eventually, you are practising to improve yourself. If your mind easily wanders and there are many distractions, you won't be able to practice deliberately.

The place where you are practising your violin lessons should support total concentration. It is pretty hard to focus on practice when you are constantly interrupted by texts, or other objects which may be distracting.

Find a quiet room or place to practice. Ensure that the notifications of your mobile devices are off. You can also place your music stand in such a place that offers none to very few distractions. You can also practice near a mirror to assist you with the visualization process.

Train Yourself To Solve Specific Problems With Your Violin Lessons Singapore

Rather than playing the same violin lessons over and over, you should try out something new! For example, suppose you have been playing the same incorrect passage from your music sheet continuously. In that case, you should utilize your problem-solving skills as a musician. It would help if you also took care of your violin bow technique, fingering issues, or problems with violin notes. The best way to ensure that you are deliberately practising is to slow down and play softly. A recent study has shown that sensory perception is high when sounds are faint. This makes it easier to detect slight alterations in pitch and vibrato.

You can also reduce your tempo and give yourself time to process your violin lessons. Many violinists do not understand the benefits of playing a lesson slowly. Reducing the tempo can help ensure that your arms and fingers execute correctly. Once you have mastered these, you can increase your tempo.

Choose A Specific Time For Your Practice Sessions

Ensure that you have a specific time slot for your practice sessions. Eventually, try to make it a habit. You would want to practice at that particular time every day. You are less likely to make excuses or skip your deliberate practice sessions when you have a fixed time slot for practice.

violin lessons Singapore

Use A Violin App To Keep Track Of Your Sessions

Violin applications are helpful to keep track of your violin lessons. But, unfortunately, your violin teacher can't keep track of your daily practice sessions. But with the help of a violin app, you can now analyze your violin practice statistically.

Tune Your Violin Before Every Practice Session

Tuning is a "must" while playing any stringed instrument. It can also make your practice effective while playing your violin lessons Singapore. When you aren't bothered by a higher or lower pitch while playing, you can focus on your practice entirely. Of course, you would have to tune all your strings in advance for that to happen! You can always download one tuner application on your phone or purchase a tuner.

Keeping All Your Music Sheets In One Place

It can be very unpleasant to find a specific piece to practice but can't find it. Thus, we suggest that you should always keep your music sheets in one place. You can also sort them in alphabetical order so that the next time you want to play something, you can find it quickly. Just make sure that you can find the piece whenever you need to practice it.


What matters significantly is "how you" practice instead of "how much" you practice. You can make a significant improvement in your playing by making an effort to "deliberately" practice. Just make sure that you apply the steps mentioned above during your violin lessons practice, and you are good to go!

Happy Practice!


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