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Educating with Knowledge not Trauma

by Skylar Joel Harris about a year ago in student
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The only means I see that will shape our Generations to come.

Burnt Lake 2019

To start, Education is the first bulk of our institution in life. Where, instead of understanding the development process and learning how we learn, what we are, how and why we feel what we do, we are force fed flash learning to succeed, which has caused our surface attention and shallow connections from person to person.

I chose this picture, because it is not often enough that I find time to myself, that I find myself alone in nature enjoying the fruits of life. The wind, the sound of water flowing, the elements I never want to take for granted.

If we as a species, start to cultivate passing down knowledge like we used to, to enhance cultural understanding and compassion. I believe we would stop separating ideals, and see them as ideas. Opinions would be thoughts shared with colleagues instead of debates on who is right or wrong. Knowledge is never black and white.

Knowledge is never meant to be contained in a box or kept secret. I believe we need each other. To quote Bruce Lee (Jun Fan) - "Relationship is understanding. It is a process of self-revelation. Relationship is the mirror in which you discover yourself. To be is to be related."

Orientation is meant to help students and teachers alike to learn who learns in what way: Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic. We all learn in these three ways, but we all learn differently. Some aspects are softer, for myself Auditory is hardest for me. I'm bad at remembering or taking instructions, I'm primarily kinesthetic, so I have to try until I succeed to learn the ins and out, and at times need a guiding hand to show me the way.

If we handled this with care, we wouldn't subject children who are our future, to feeling insecure about themselves by saying they have learning disabilities. The teacher can then see where they need to specialize their focus, and adjust the curriculum to fit the general learning patterns and spend more time with those who struggle and know why they're struggling.

Social Studies should be about Social Studies. Not facts about our history as a way of life and where we came from. No one wants or likes to agree to it, it hurts. Humans have done a lot of terrible things and we need to learn from it, not accept it. How to develop relationships, communication skills, how to establish conveyance and understanding, consideration as a form of listening, and compassion as a way to humble the ego and be honest to our anger. We get frustrated by our own impasses and project them onto others, why is that so difficult to understand? Grown men are still wounded children seeking validation of their anger, and have pushed away any room for compassion from themselves and leave no room to receive it from others. We proliferate what we live.

To change economy, and how we interact with nature, we also have to change business. Big business' will fight to the bone to keep their money. Wealth isn't found in money, its in the abundance of life. If we cut down life to make money, we are promoting a slow death. And the uneducated don't care, because the legacy they're creating will effect their children not them. As long as someone is above another person, we will never see eye to eye, and always have a system of combatants.

I believe in universal co-existedness and that is my goal in life. To live for others. I want to help teach others how to move in their own body, mind, heart and soul, to heal, and find homeostasis. Health and P.E. are vital to our success towards evolution, because we meant to learn what our bodies do? Why we have pain, how to treat it, and how it effects everything we do.

I've been in pain my whole life, not just physical, but emotional and mental. I've had hate in my heart for what humans have done to each other and the planet, I've felt it from the first day my cognition developed, the news, ignorant and selfish people validate those feelings. I had to learn how to transmute it, and learn what I could do to be honest to myself and others around me.

If we are taught that we are large dynamic pulley systems, we would understand how our bodies move. If we were taught how the nervous system and connective tissue work, under the lens of "Wolff's" law we would understand how movement and resting are meant to work together. It would also reveal how stagnation and furniture, and how we treat ourselves mentally effect our posture and emotional states. We aren't given tools as to why we should live for ourselves and others, we are just thrown into a system that feels more like a social experiment that is haphazardly thrown to time to have us sort everything out on our own.

I've been developing curriculums around these focuses, and want to share it with the world. To the children coming into our world, to teachers, and any human who wants to find homeostasis, to balance all of our systems. To have that be the cultivation of our way of knowledge, how to maintain our health of homeostasis, and so we can then start to grow on all levels.

If we can't learn together, and if we can't learn how to become whole, and maintain that? How are we supposed to keep this planet going for the long-haul? If we can't respect the ecosystem of our own nature, we will never parallel our understanding to how to treat and be with nature. Nature will win. When I believe we are meant to coexist, it leads back to the fact losing is as much of an illusion as winning. Success comes from growth, and growth happens with critical thinking, honest focus, sincere listening, and direct effort. We may fail at times, and need to fine tune along the way, such is life.

What I've been doing during our pandemic to help heal the planet, is using the time I've had not to be bored, or seeking things to kill time. On the contrary; I've invested in self care tools, and delved deep inward to pull out the seeds of success in myself. To plant a garden, and learn how I can stage the efforts of my life to be seen, so that I too can see and learn and be with others who want to change the world too. Many of us are out there, we just need to stop feeling like we're all alone in this process.

To conclude this, my philosophy is that we can never truly and fully heal if we demonize anything. So, if we are to direct our suffering, and overcome an enemy of any kind. It would be towards our own ignorance, and self-importance, as a means to dismantle the established indifference of man.


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Skylar Joel Harris

Author, Musician, Vocalist, Voice Actor, World Builder: Seeking the dream team make all the creative work come to life! I've built an entire Universe of stories from my dreams to make; Graphic Novels, Scores, Movies, Series, & Video Games.

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