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Dubai Schools Offer Good Education without the Frills

by Katie Leslove 6 months ago in student

Good education options available at an affordable price!

There is a lot of competition when it comes to schools in UAE – educational institutions are mushrooming like the palms dotting the country. But the schools in Dubai are conscious and have been applying creative solutions to keep the costs competitive and low. The best part is that their primary aim is to maintain high standards of education and facilities while keeping the fees low to meet an ever-growing demand for affordable education.

How are the schools offering affordable fee options?

Various emirate schools have come up with initiatives to ensure that the fee they are charging is reasonable, with various money-saving methods like restructuring the staff recruitment process, allocating resources wisely, and saving on hiring consultancy firms.

The key focus here is to keep the tuition costs down while offering a high quality of education. Some international schools with the British curriculum have maintained a good rating in most inspection rankings while charging a fee in the range of Dh6,465 and Dh15,310 a year. However, many other schools that have the “good” rating by Dubai’s private schools’ regulator, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), charge a lot more.

Because of the high demand for reasonably priced British schools in the emirate, many secondary schools in Dubai have slashed the costs by employing fresh graduates from various countries and then training and grooming them for their career growth. The institutions are also reducing costs by not hiring expensive recruitment consultancies and managing the hiring process inhouse.

Schools not compromising on staff salaries

The IB schools in Dubai have tuition fees going up to Dh76,000 for kindergarten, but some new schools are also charging between Dh28,400 and Dh32,400 for the primary grades. Wondering how they are managing the overall costs? The good part is that they are not compromising on salaries of the staff, but they have reduced costs by sharing their resources amongst the schools which are run by the group and recruiting a diverse group of teachers who can be shared as a resource.

Some schools also have centralized administrative and management roles in reducing costs. Fresh talent, who is attracted by the proposition of working in an IB school, is hired from countries like Ireland, South Africa, and the Philippines and then trained by the experienced staff.

Affordable IB curriculum schools in high demand

Affordable IB schools are the need of the hour in the UAE as most of the expatriate parents want their children to study in reputed IB curriculum schools, but they can’t afford it. Some other secondary schools in Dubai are reducing the fees by managing training in-house and developing various resources within the school.

If you are moving to Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE, the good news is that affordable education is a huge trend in the emirate. The expensive schools usually have very highly qualified and experienced teachers and smaller class sizes. Such schools are also expensive because of the overheads like luxurious facilities they offer in the same curriculum.

Some parents opt to admit their child in one of the affordable British curriculum schools as they are assured of a solid education, while some others opt for the expensive ones as they fancy all the frills.

These days, expats don’t want to pay a major part of their income on school fees and look for good education options available at an affordable price.

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Katie Leslove
Katie Leslove
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