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Mbbs In Russia

Russia has a good reputation in the field of study of Medicine and all Russian Medical Universities make it possible by providing high-quality medical education to the students. The cost of studying MBBS in Russia is very low as compared to Indian private Medical Universities and private colleges. Any candidate from India can take direct admission in MBBS in TOP TEN MEDICAL UNIVERSITY IN RUSSIA.

Here on our website, we have already mentioned the MBBS fee structure of Top Medical Universities in Russia.

Over the period of the last two decades, approximately ten thousand students; who became Doctors after graduating from MBBS ABROAD from Russia, returned with their degrees and are successfully practicing medicine in India. And rest of many is working at various renowned hospitals in different countries of the world. The alliance for medical education between India and Russia is increasing the future anticipation of our medical aspirants/students who are going to be the future Doctors. Therefore pursuing MBBS in Russia is a benefit for Indian medical aspirants because as per recent initiatives taken by the Ministry of External Affairs is that all medical graduates from Russia will be eligible to practice medicine in India after qualifying for the FMGE examination. So every student must go through the merits of studying MBBS in Russia in these sections before applying for any RUSSIA MEDICAL COLLEGE.

1- Affordable and LOW-COST MBBS IN RUSSIA

If you wish to get an optimum combination of both affordable cost and high quality, you can always look towards Russia.

Besides providing fundamental basic knowledge, they will make your work with the latest technology, which will upgrade your knowledge and all this at a very reasonable cost.

Although the tuition fee and living expenses may vary from one university of the city to the other, it is surely going to be lower than in other European countries as compared to other countries.

If we take things on average, the total cost that you will have to pay to study MBBS in any Russian medical university is between 4000 to 5000 USD per annum which also includes your tuition fee and accommodation cost. (This will cost you around INR 231526- 369210 according to Indian currency)

Similarly, the cost of living in Russia is not very expensive. Although the expenses usually depend upon your lifestyle on average, it would cost around 150 to 200 USD per month. (Which will cost around INR 10076- 14768 according to Indian currency)

As far as an Indian medical student is concerned it can turn out to be a golden opportunity at a very affordable price.

2- Discrimination in Russia

Talking about Racism, it’s usually the discrimination, preservation, or antagonism by an individual, community, or any institution against a person or people on the basis of their belonging to a particular cultural or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or wandered.

You need to understand that, this is a mentality of every individual that leads to unfair actions and can exist in any corner of the globe. People might sound racist both intentionally or unintentionally. This can occur in your own hometown, so this is not the issue you should panic about.

All that really affects your mind is how you deal with these things.

Talking about the Russian community it is considered to be very welcoming to every student going to Study MBBS in Russia. They are more driven by morals deeply attached to social manners and follow a decent behavior pattern, one will gradually learn while living there.

You needn’t worry much about racism and rather focus on keeping a positive attitude towards all the challenges you face and study wholeheartedly.

3- No donation criteria

The admission criteria in Russia are made very simple. There is nothing like a huge donation to get admission to any Russian medical university. Neither you need to get in trouble for the IELTS or SAT kind of examination.

You don’t even need to clear the entrance exam to get admission to any of the medical universities of Russia.

Almost all Russian medical universities have the best selection method. The selection is dependent on your 12th-grade performance. All you need is to score at least 60 percent in class 12.

4- English as a medium of instruction

It is considered that a different country means a different language. But few Russian medical universities have a solution to this problem as well. Medical universities in Russia use English as the mode of teaching to Indian students.

5- Comfortable accommodation

Russian medical universities provide students with cozy and well-heated hostels for making students’ convenient to stay there. As the weather in Russia remains chilly for almost six months so they have these centrally heated flat-like hostels which are being provided to the students.

6- Method of teaching

The maximum learning process in medical universities in Russia is practical in nature. They try to teach with live examples or explain through experiments for better understanding and learning.

7- International exposure

We as Indians are born and brought up in a certain kind of surrounding. Our world is usually surrounded by similar faces and people.

So stepping out of that comfort zone is a big challenge for every student studying there. But once we get our minds broad and clear, we can grab many opportunities. If the chance of studying MBBS in Russia becomes true, one can get international exposure to get to know about the country.

8- All-around development

Besides studying MBBS in Russia, you also get to enhance your skills by participating in co-curricular activities provided by the college.

Students take part in activities like sports competitions, contests, student festivals, and other recreational events, and many more.


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