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Diploma in Safety Management- worth it or not?

Diploma in industrial safety

By Vikash SinghPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Industrial safety or occupational safety is the management of all operations within an industry to protect its employees and other assets by lowering the risks, hazards etc. You can begin a career in safety management through professional qualification. A diploma in safety management is a short-term course preparing learners for management positions within safety management. Several universities and colleges in India offer a six-month diploma and a one-year advanced diploma in safety management.

Another popular course among the aspirants wishing to make a career in this field is diploma in industrial safety. It is also a short-term course of six months, giving an insight into health, safety and environment issues at the workplace. You can acquire the skills and knowledge required to hold a flourishing career in the field through the diploma course. Rapid technological developments and mechanisation at a high-scale in several industries have led to complex health and safety problems in the industry’s leading to the demand for qualified safety professionals.

A professional degree will open huge job prospects in the field of safety management. After receiving a diploma certificate, you will be eligible for high-paying jobs in the field. The course is specially designed to provide expertise to the students wishing to undertake a career as practitioners. You also get the sound basis for progression to post-graduation study. Now knowing about the professional course in safety management, you must know the benefits of pursuing the programme-

Course Content

Why should you choose a diploma in safety management? Prior knowledge and awareness of the fieldwork will help you secure jobs quickly. The course content of the diploma course provides fundamental knowledge at the core of the profession and allows you to take further qualifications. The course content is tailored to meet the field’s requirements by enhancing the students’ core competencies.

Job Prospects

Qualification in the field will help you move to managerial positions in several organisations. Aspirants with degree or certifications are likely to be hired than those without it. After completing the diploma in industrial safety, you will be open to job prospects in multiple industries such as manufacturing, IT companies, oil and gas, airlines, logistics, consulting firms, audit agencies etc. Multiple job functions are available to certified students, such as operations, audit and compliance, consulting and strategy etc.


The safety professionals earn on a higher side. With additional qualifications and experience in the field, the salary of the aspirants increase. In India, the average salary of a safety officer is around INR 3.5 Lakhs per annum. The organisations prefer the basic educational background with certifications or degrees in the field.


The course is appropriate only if you wish to make a career in safety management. Since the Health and Safety domain at workplaces is slowly becoming a vital part of planned business operations, several organisations have begun to hire professionals with expertise in this field and help create better risk management plans. There are various safety management jobs, including requirements specific to that industry and its business model. They are of varying nature such as Chemical Safety, Construction Safety, Oil & Gas Safety, Electrical Safety, etc. A short-term course in industrial safety or its management is significant. Moreover, a degree or certification in hand opens wider job possibilities in the field.

Safety management as career choice

Safety Management is indeed an exciting career option but is full of challenges. Be it private or public sector, the demand of safety experts is increasing at higher pace. The roles that the professionals can land on post diploma or certification course in safety management include safety officer, environment safety manager, safety supervisor, safety instructor, risk management consultant, safety auditor, industrial hygienist etc.


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