Deadbeat Dropout

by Alexis Bellaw 12 months ago in high school

Why do people judge them so harshly?

Deadbeat Dropout

I'd like to start off that I am planning on being a dropout myself. A lot of people have told me I shouldn't because I'm a senior and I'm almost there, so what sense does it make to drop out now? I should stick it out for just a few more months, right?

Look, I get it looks good when looking for a job and gives you a much higher chance at being accepted, but I'm not looking for a good job or for anything nice. I have a spot in a job that makes a little more than minimum wage and this is the reason I want to drop out.

I'll be 18 in a few weeks and I'm currently not working. The job I'm going to I've worked there three different times.

The first time I got a job there I worked there for just over a year. I had left because I was threatened in front of the general manager and I was the one who got in trouble. A fellow coworker told me he was going to have a bunch of his girlfriend's jump me because he knew where I worked and what I drove. I glared at him, but I kept my mouth shut because I knew what was best for me. He kept making rude remarks towards me the rest of the night. Once we closed I called my boyfriend who was waiting outside for me so we could hang out before I went home. I told him to get into my truck and grab the Wal-Mart bag behind my seat. The bag contained my extra work shirt. I took my dirty work shirt off and placed it into the bag. I then tossed it onto the break room counter and left. I made sure to text my manager to tell her I left my uniform on the back table and that I quit.

A new manager was put into place which was the manager that was directly above me when I worked there. She had contacted me and told me I could have my job back if I wanted it. I worked there for another 3 months before I landed a job at Wal-Mart. I had planned to get me a good job during this time.

Wal-Mart backfired and I quit. My boyfriend told me he liked it better that I didn't have a job because that meant he could pay for things rather than me insisting I paid. I agreed that my senior year I wouldn't get another job until I graduated.

Just recently, the manager to my old job reached out again and asked if I would come back because she needed to get rid of a few bad seeds. She said she's tired of telling people to clean something and them getting an attitude when I would do it no questions asked. She said she missed me, so I told her I would think about it.

It's only a few months into the year and I'm hating it. I've been purposely skipping quite a lot too. I just can't take it. It puts a lot of weight on my shoulder's and it causes my stress disorder to betray me. I tried graduating early, but it's not possible with my schedule. I could have if I didn't switch my labs, but now I'm in junior classes as a senior. I only need two more classes and I'm taking one now, but my other class is an online class I can't do until next semester.

I have all my credits to graduate. I've met all the requirements, but without both classes I still need I can't graduate. I've tried working around dropping out just because I'm almost done, but to no avail.

I thought about just not going when I turn 18 because there isn't a law enforcing me to stay in school, but my boyfriend insisted I officially drop out rather than that. I'll get my GED too. I know that much.

My boyfriend makes good money, he's a welder. So, I'm perfectly happy as long as I have some money to pitch in here and there. Therefore, working a minimum wage job is fine by me and him. If he had it his way I wouldn't be working at all.

I also should mention I live with my boyfriend. He's also setting up a shared bank account because I'm the one who manages the money that way we have some put back. My boyfriend graduated last year.

I've seen so much hate towards dropouts though. I was looking online and a lot of people are rude in the comments when someone even thinks about dropping out.

My mom wants me to try to stick it out, but I'm to the point I don't care about my education anymore. It'll get to the point if I don't drop out I'll probably flunk out with how many days I've missed now. My attendance was perfect last year and now it has dropped tremendously.

It could be worse though. I have an actual reason for dropping out. I'm wanting to work full-time. It's my choice anyhow, so I can't let others get to me. I've thought about this all year so far. I've made up my mind. The only way I'll change my mind is if somehow something changes and I can graduate early.

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