Chronicles of a ULL Student - Mini Series

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Chronicles of a ULL Student - Mini Series

Like everyone in high school I knew that college was going to be no joke. Just how serious, I had no way of knowing.

First, let's start from when was looking into all the colleges I could go to. They had the same fun flair, some more serious than others, but most had the impression that they had the downtime for students to not always feel the pressure of massive amounts of debt and studying weighing so heavily on them. This way it'll just be that little voice in your head that you can ignore for a couple hours.

Looking for a college to go to is the most competitive thing you’ll ever be in if you choose to go. All these schools have minimums scores that you don’t even know you’ll reach in time and some even want essays. ESSAYS!

The school that I found to be perfect for me is ULL, a medium sized university with a friendly atmosphere and the worst drivers you've ever seen. Not me, though. Totally not me. When I first went for a tour it was like a whole new world. It was like I never went outside and now here I am. In the wilderness.

Sometimes it does feel like that though. But that might just be the overwhelming hunger of not eating a home-cooked meal in two months. Oh, how I miss my dad’s homestyle gumbo.

Moving in here was the real wild thing of it all. Living as a sheltered child for 18 years really makes it even more of an anxious time when you move somewhere else, while getting to know the environment and the people. But compared to classes, even that was a piece of cake.

The classes at ULL aren’t inherently hard. Some of the teacher’s that I’ve had so far just give so much information at once that you have no idea what you just listened to. I mean I probably have those 2 C’s just because I don’t study, but who’s keeping count, right?

From someone who hasn’t really studied for anything since elementary school, I learned that college is a very different experience. Learning wise, I have to make sure that I get what’s going on at all times in class or I feel lost but that’s just because I have absolutely no idea what’s going on all the time around me. Environmental wise, it is very different seeing a place that is similar yet very different from my hometown. The city here is similar in the way that the buildings can close to each other on busy roads and that gives me a great comfort. On the other hand, the roads that are smaller have buildings can tend to be very far apart, like I saw a whole field one time in between two roads.

Scenery is a big deal to me because I get very nervous in new places, especially if I have no idea who anyone is in these new places but I am slowly yet surely getting used to my new life at ULL, even though I have not participated in any clubs or activities yet I plan to do so very soon and to make my college life more eventful without breaking the law, of course. I know lots of people are scared of moving away for college but I promise even if it’s just for one year you’ll have lots of fun, even if you’re a recluse like me because right now I’m feeling out the environment and I can honestly say that I made a great choice at making ULL my number 1 choice.

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