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Children to develop these good habits, the semester do not worry!

10 good habits

By Tatiana lexiePublished 4 months ago 6 min read
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When school starts, parents can't help but worry about their children - will they be able to keep up with the new semester's curriculum? Can the bad habits that develop over the summer be changed? How can we make the "bear child" at home play less with the phone?

In reality, many children are not prepared for the start of the school year and are unable to enter the new semester of learning for a long time, thus lagging behind others. Habits, to a large extent, can determine so-called luck. Parents and teachers should guide their children to develop good study and living habits for the new semester, a new start.

If your child does well in these 10 points, you won't have to worry about the whole semester.


Get up half an hour early and be rich in time

Parents, from now on, let your children get up half an hour early, organize their rooms, push open the window to breathe fresh air, open their voice to read the articles you want to read, to build up energy for a day of learning.



Think hard and develop the habit of keeping records

Successful people are often good at thinking and summarizing, they can be a flash of "inspiration" in the mind to accumulate, precipitate the depth of thought, in learning, work at any time migration, for their use, this is the meaning of the record.

As the saying goes, a good memory is better than a bad pen. Children are in the age of imagination, there is a wealth of ideas and creativity worth recording, and the accumulation of more will be an intangible wealth.


The habit of organizing wrong questions

Some students also have error books, but they simply obey the requirements of teachers and parents. They do not understand the meaning of making a book of mistakes, mistakenly thinking that the book of mistakes is the book of transcription of mistakes, and encountered the wrong questions to write down, but will not apply.

The good students are good at using the problem book, the usual easy-to-make mistakes in the knowledge content to master solid, to avoid repeated mistakes, while constantly improving their thinking level, problem-solving experience, and skills so that their learning efficiency multiplied, the learning effect will be good.



The moderate use of electronic products, develop self-management skills

Children need the joint efforts of parents to develop good habits of using electronic products.

First of all, parents should set an example by not being a "low man" in front of their children; secondly, parents should moderately allow their children to play with their phones if they want to. You can establish rules with your child, set the time and period, and let your child comply with the agreement to carry out.

Some families will play computer games with their children once a week because they are playing together, the children are not overly addicted to the game itself, but enjoy the process of being with their families.

Finally, children themselves must have the right attitude and learn to control their desires to achieve a better version of themselves.


Get rid of procrastination and develop a sense of time

Procrastination is a common problem for many students. If something is put off every day until the next day, one day it will pile up and become anxious. Therefore, parents need to cultivate the habit of "finishing today's work" in their children.

Parents should develop their children's sense of time so that children understand when to do what things, today's things should never be delayed until tomorrow.

The first thing to do is to have a specific plan for what you want to accomplish each day, and it is best to do things according to the plan so that your child will do what he or she needs to do in a day.

An inch of time is an inch of gold, and an inch of gold cannot buy an inch of time. Only when you develop the good habit of doing things today, your child will know how to cherish time.


Make a reading list and stick to the habit of reading

Insist on reading is a good habit that can affect a child's life, children in school are mainly learned in textbook knowledge, children only master the knowledge in textbooks, then the knowledge structure is inevitably single.

Reading books outside the classroom can expand the child's horizons, and improve the child's motivation to learn, so that they actively cognitive, active absorption of knowledge, and actively use this knowledge to open the brain to think about problems, analysis, and problem-solving.

New semester list of new books, children according to their own extracurricular time how much, reasonable arrangements for reading time, do not chew too much. Gulping down ten books is better than reading through one.


Spend some time each week doing your favorite sport

When you have free time, do you just want to sit and lie down? That's not good! Sports are an important way for children to experience life, and they bring them self-discipline, self-confidence, self-improvement, a sense of rules, and a determination and will that is different from ordinary people. All of these spirits will implicitly help children to improve themselves in all aspects of learning and life.

At the beginning of the school year, pick a few sports that your child likes to try for a while, choose 1-2 sports that are most suitable for your physical condition, and ask your buddies to sweat together, which is also a good way to relax your nerves after school.


Keep your desk clean and develop long-term concentration

The desk is something that children face every day, some children have various small decorations on their desks, and some children like to stick pictures on the desktop and write a motto.

It is not easy to keep your child's attention for a long time when he or she is concentrating on studying. The things on the desk that are not related to study will distract and interfere with learning.

In the new semester, parents can advise their children to start by organizing their desks at home, and gradually develop the good habit of cleaning the surface of their desks every day, a clean desk can bring children a fresh mood!


Review what you learned last week, learn to learn from the past

The impression left on your child's mind is very different between knowledge that is simply memorized and knowledge that has been thought about.


Encourage your child to take some time for himself on the weekend to think about what he has learned, not only to understand more deeply, but also to better connect with the next stage of learning, and to develop the good habit of learning from the past.


Write every word carefully and develop meticulous quality

We all know that "words are like people", so we can see how important it is to have good handwriting. Beautiful handwriting is not something that can be achieved overnight but must be maintained over a long period to develop a good habit of writing carefully. The original purpose of practicing handwriting is not to become a calligrapher, but to gain something more important and valuable in the process of practicing handwriting - a habit of seriousness and care.

The child starts by developing the habit of writing in a standard, correct and neat manner, and treating each class note, assignment, and test paper seriously; once such a habit is developed, the child will benefit for the rest of his or her life.


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