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by Vidhyarthi Darpan 7 months ago in degree


There is unlimited choice but the best one makes you unique…

After the completion of BBA LLB, all the graduates are very confused regarding the future opportunities. What to do next? What are the possibilities after the course? What are the government jobs available? How to appear for the exams? And so on…

Here you get the answer to various questions and scope of BBA LLB. The scope of the BBA LLB is enlarged in itself because the person can enter into both the fields either law, management, and both together. There are oceans of opportunities available but the essence is to grab these opportunities.


The one who practices law as a profession either individually or under the renowned personality as an intern. They are the one who independently deal with the legal issues. There work is to represent their clients in the courtroom and present the argument in front of the judge. Lawyers are attained the specialization in different fields of law like company law, environmental law, family law, criminal law, civil law, cyber law, taxation law, etc.

For practicing in the court after the completion of 5 years or 3 years graduation course, the one should have to register themselves in State bar council in India. For the enrolment in the state bar council, they need to appear in the All India bar examination and get the certificate of practice from there.


This is one of the most likely professions in the country. While pursuing the field of law, everyone aims to clear the judiciary exam. For that they start preparing to appear in PSC J, HCS, or lower judiciary exams after completion of the graduation. This profession requires honesty, dedication, integrity, and passion for the nation.

Our Country is lacking in the judiciary system, many cases are still pending in the court of justice and people are still craving for the justice. Here seems a good opportunity for the law graduate to serve the nation. Aspirants can sit for the different judiciary exams conducted at the all India level, state level, or at the domicile level.

Corporate firms

The one who completes the BBA LLB acknowledges both the management and law. They can easily recognize the complexities of the business and also understand the various regulations. The success in this field depends upon how you are managing the stress and able to work effectively. The survival in this field is more than litigation. They play important roles in drafting, vetting, negotiating contacts, monitoring compliances with legal rules, and legal disputes.

Public prosecutors

They are the one who represents the government in the criminal trials. They are one who conducts the criminal trials on behalf of the state or for the public welfare. It is a good opportunity in front of law students to go for government service and secure their life. They were appointed by the central and state government. They present cases impartially with support of all facts, evidence, and documents required for the best interest of society.

Army JAG officer

This is one of the pride services for the country. Those who interested to make a career in this field for the post of army advocate general, judge of an army they must have to qualify the exams of JAG. JAG recruitment is held twice in the year. There is only 14 vacancy available i.e. 10 for men and 4 for woman. Candidates must attain 55% of the marks in LLB and must be eligible for registration with the Bar Council of India.

Company secretary

The law graduate can also opt for the company secretary in addition to law. The law students may pursue this degree to get better opportunities in the co-operate world. This degree opens the gates for the law students in many fields.

Aspirants will require getting the certified course offered by an Institution of company secretaries of India (ICSI). They also work as legal advisors with the company secretaries in various reputed firms.

Higher education

They can also opt for a higher degree of specialization in various fields. Being a student of a bachelor of business administration the students may also pursue an MBA for the attractive job offers and lucrative work experience. They can pursue an MBA program from the top most colleges and get new opportunities in law and management field together.

They can also pursue a master of law (LLM) for Higher education which is another most popular choice ahead of a law graduate. This degree helps to attain specialization in the interested field. And also go for the Ph.D. in various fields and work as the profession in renowned institutions.

Apart from these, there are various government and private service available for the BBA LLB graduates some of the opportunities in the government sector are Legal advisors in Department of Legal Affairs, Legislative Counsel in Legislative Department, Post of Assistance in the Secretariat, such as Legal Assistants, Legal/ Judicial Translators, etc., Government secretaries in assemblies, Staff in higher/ lower judiciary/ Quasi-Judicial Institutions, Attorney General of India, Advocate General, Notaries, and Oath Commissioners, etc. and many more. But this all requires hard work and dedication.


I hope this article finds a place in choosing your career opportunities. There are many waves in the ocean but the unique one is only visible from far away. So be different and be unique in yourself. Take the best profession and makes your future bright.

All the best!!!!

Vidhyarthi Darpan
Vidhyarthi Darpan
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Vidhyarthi Darpan
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