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Book Review: Teaching With Clarity: How to Prioritize and Do Less So Students Understand More by Tony Frontier

by Abass Quadri Olajide 7 months ago in book reviews
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Learn how to identify a key area of learning in a subject or curriculum by reading teaching with clarity of Tony Frontier. It also saves more work.

teaching with clarity

Many educators complain that teaching has become overwhelming, particularly when there is a strong student population. In addition to basic classroom responsibilities, teachers are involved in projects, evaluations, strategies, meetings, programs, among others, to facilitate student learning.

Are you a classroom professor who requires the best methodology for student activities? Do you want to know what the best teaching materials are for different age groups? Would you like to know how to prioritize key concepts when it comes to student engagement? Tony Frontier’s teaching provides details on the different challenges teachers face in class and how to achieve learning objectives as quickly as possible.

The book includes the relationships of high-level people in the field of education, their experience, methodology, passion, appropriate didactic material, and time management in the classroom.

Tony Frontier

Tony is a former educator with several prestigious bodies. During his research on learning, he worked with senior leaders across the country and abroad to accumulate effective instruction, data analysis, assessments, and strategic planning for students of different age groups.

In a meeting, he once said his goal is to develop a formidable system that helps teachers impart more knowledge to students. Statistics indicate teachers’ low statistics can be associated with difficult schooling experiences and constant multitasking. However, a suitable approach and more empowerment increase the enthusiasm of classroom instructors.

Besides being a writer or consultant, Tony works at Cardinal Stritch University, Wisconsin as an associate professor. Some of the courses he teaches include statistics, curriculum development, research methods, organizational learning, and more.

With much experience as a former teacher and administrator, Frontier contributes enormously to the development of research, writing, and technical workshops in high schools.


* It is simplified to use English.

* It is quite affordable.

* Available at several e-commerce stores.

* It includes information from multiple classroom instructors.

* The author provides an overview of the challenges they faced during their teaching days and how to manage them.

* Suitable material for teachers from different places.


* People complain that they find it difficult to acquire a hard copy.

* There is much clutter of ideas.


Schools need to understand that successful learning does not require student/teacher bombardment. Classroom instructors complain that the status quo overwhelm feeling makes the teaching profession unattractive as institutions should consider teachers’ welfare. In other words, activities like meetings, projects, assessments, etc should be minimal.

Although investigations show this implementation intends for the learner’s interest. However, they might sometimes clutter thereby deviating from the intended goal. If there is a need for any educational adjustment, the organizers should involve classroom instructors who hold a significant role in student learning.

When more priority is given to clarity, focus, and achieving the desired goal than effort, the teaching profession will be more attractive. Most teachers spend at least three(3) hours daily with their students and understand each assimilation level thereby introducing the best methodology that provides in-depth topic understanding.

Tony suggests that when introducing a curricular or program to a school, there are three questions to consider to attain student understanding;

* What is understanding?

* Which aspect of the program(curricular) should the student understand better?

* How to identify the best methodology that helps students get maximum understanding?

When you identify these important areas, it will save effort and time in the classroom. Similarly, by prioritizing key areas in learning, teachers will get less overwhelmed and can clear the clutter that may hinder attaining the desired success.


If you are within the education sector and in need of an appropriate guideline to attain your school goals with less effort, consider getting a copy of teaching with clarity by Tony Frontier. Numerous teachers find the material appealing and rate A+ because of the magnificent information in the book.

If you have suggestions or inquiries about this book or write-up, kindly drop a comment below.


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