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Best Online Colleges for Nursing

Nursing Programs

By Rocky Published 4 months ago 3 min read
Best Online Colleges for Nursing

Nursing is a well-liked career choice and is more in demand than ever. An online bachelor's degree offers a flexible and convenient path to becoming a registered nurse (RN) if you'd want to enter the field right away. Online nursing programs are offered by some of the top nursing schools. You can enroll in the least expensive school without moving by using online nursing schools. Discover our top selections for the most reliable online nursing programs and learn how to launch your nursing profession right away.

One of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation is among nurses. They are equipped with recession-proof skills. Their efforts enhance other people's quality of life and wellbeing. You can find employment as a registered nurse in clinics, hospitals, schools, and governmental organizations with an online BSN. You can choose to focus on a branch of medicine that appeals to you, such as paediatrics, psychiatry, surgery, critical care, or medicine. In non-bedside positions like hospital administration or consulting, you can use your BSN. Alternatively, you might utilize it as a stepping stone into an MSN program.

Career Benefits of Nursing Degree Online

  • BSN-educated nurses have higher career possibilities and pay available to them.
  • You may be able to juggle career, family, and education with an online BSN program.
  • You can save money on commuting expenses and on-campus fees by enrolling in an online BSN program.
  • Over the following ten years, there is expected to be a growth in need for qualified, licensed nurses.

Reasons to Get Your Nursing Degree Online

  • For a position in healthcare that is in demand, you will receive specialized training.
  • After graduating, you can apply for an RN license and begin working.
  • A bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) can help RNs advance in their careers and earn more money.
  • Current nurses can complete RN-to-BSN programs in a year or less, on average.
  • Your application to graduate programs to become a nurse practitioner or other advanced practice RN is better prepared with a BSN.
  • Online programs offer more flexibility and are typically less expensive than on-campus ones.

1. Ohio State University-Main Campus


Average Tuition

In-state: $10,615

Out-of-state: $32,599

Retention Rate: 94%

Admission Rate: 68%

Students Enrolled: 61,369

Institution Type: Public

Percent Online Enrollment: 94%

Accreditation: Yes

A 12- to 15-month course of study is available in the online RN-to-BSN program at The Ohio State University for RNs who want to advance the abilities they acquired in their diploma or associate degree in nursing (ADN) program. Coursework emphasizes primary care, school health services, and nursing development.

Before or during the program, students must satisfy general education prerequisites. You need to have an ADN or a nursing diploma to apply.

Avg. Cost per Credit

In-State: $491

Out-of-State: $511

Credits to Graduate: 30

Visit Program: RN-to-BSN Program

2. University of Central Florida


Average Tuition

In-state: $4,478

Out-of-state: $19,810

Retention Rate: 92%

Admission Rate: 45%

Students Enrolled: 71,881

Institution Type: Public

Percent Online Enrollment: 96%

Accreditation: Yes

The online BS in nursing program at the University of Central Florida has a strong emphasis on clinical nursing practice and health promotion. The program also gives students a strong basis for graduate-level nursing education and qualifies them for leadership positions like chief nursing officer and nursing manager.

For its online nursing programs, UCF provides a number of courses, including RN-to-BSN and ASN-to-BSN. Before applying, candidates must be licensed as RNs.

Avg. Cost per Credit

In-State: $179.19

Out-of-State: $715.80

Credits to Graduate: 120 (30 for RN-to-BSN)

Visit Program: Online BS in Nursing Program

3. Florida International University


Average Tuition

In-state: $4,721

Out-of-state: $16,529

Retention Rate: 91%

Admission Rate: 58%

Students Enrolled: 58,836

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