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Best Elephant Stories for kids

Elephant Stories

By Rajshree ThakurPublished about a year ago 5 min read
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3 Elephant moral Stories for kids

Elephant story no-1

Once a lion was sitting alone in a forest. He was thinking that he have sharp strong claws and teeth. Also he is a very powerful animal but still why do all the animals always praise the peacock.

Actually the lion felt very jealous that all the animals used to praise the peacock. All the animals of the forest used to say that whenever the peacock dances with its wings spread it looks very beautiful. The lion was feeling very sad thinking all this. He was thinking that despite being so powerful and being the king of the jungle no one appreciates him.

Once an elephant was going from there. Elephant was also very sad. When the lion saw that sad elephant he asked him ,“Your body is so big and you are strong too. Why are you still so sad? what is the matter?"

Lion further asked the elephant, "Is there any animal in this forest that makes you jealous and harms you?"

After listening to the lion the elephant said , "Even the smallest animal in the jungle can trouble a big animal like me."

The lion asked , "Which little animal is that?"

The elephant said, “ it is an ant. She is the smallest in this forest, but whenever she enters my ear I go mad with pain.”

After listening to the elephant the lion understood that the peacock doesn't even bother me like an ant yet I am jealous of him. God has given different flaws and qualities to all the creatures. For this reason all beings cannot be equally strong or weak.

This restored his lost confidence in the lion's mind and he stopped being jealous of the peacock.

moral of story- We should never be jealous of someone seeing their qualities, because we all have different strengths and weaknesses.

Elephant story no-2

A lion lived in a forest. One day he was very hungry. The lion hunted and while eating it the bone of the prey got stuck in the lion's throat. He started having a lot of pain. The lion was not able to take him out.

The lion was roaming here and there for help to extract the bone. Then the lion saw a rabbit and the lion said to the rabbit, "I have a bone stuck in my throat. please help me to remove it."

The rabbit said "You want to eat me with this excuse I cant help you ." The lion left from there disappointed.

Meanwhile he saw a bear. The lion went to the bear and said, “ friend, a bone is stuck in my throat, please take it out. ” The bear also refused lion request.

After some time Lion saw an elephant, the elephant was under a mango tree. He was very hungry. He wanted to eat mangoes. But the mangoes were planted very high,elephant’s trunk was not reaching the mango fruits and he elephant could not climb the tree.

The lion came to the elephant and said, “ I will help you. But before that you have to help me. “

Elephant asked , “ what can i help you . The lion said , “ a bone is stuck in my throat. Please remove it, then I will definitely help you.”

The elephant agreed to this and pulled the bone out of the lion's mouth with its trunk. The lion's pain subsided. He was very happy and he climbed the mango tree. He started plucking mangoes . The elephant ate the fruits of the mango and satisfied his hunger. Elephant also became very happy. From that day the elephant and the lion became good friends.

Moral of story - We all should live together and help each other.

Story of the Elephant no-3

A tailor lived in a village he was kind and friendly. All the villagers used to give their clothes.

One day an elephant came to the tailor's shop. The elephant was very hungry. The tailor fed him a banana. From that day onwards the elephant started coming to the tailor's shop everyday. The kind tailor fed him bananas everyday. . In return, the elephant would sometimes take him for a walk on his back.

One day the tailor had to go out for some work. He made his son sit at the shop. While leaving he gave him a banana and said that if the elephant comes, then feed it.

When the elephant came, boy thought of a prank. He took a needle and went to the elephant hiding it behind him.

The elephant thought that he had come to give the banana. The elephant extended its trunk forward. As soon as he extended the trunk the tailor's son pricked him with a needle. The elephant howled in pain. Seeing this, the tailor's boy was very happy.

The elephant howling in pain ran towards the village river. After going there, he put his trunk in the water. He felt relieved by staying in the cool water of the river for some time.

He was getting very angry with the tailor's boy. He decided to teach him a lesson and filled his trunk with mud headed towards the tailor's shop. When the tailor's boy saw the elephant coming again, he came out with the needle.

this time the elephant poured all the mud filled in the trunk on him. The boy was standing in front of the shop door. He was covered in mud from top to bottom. Sprinkled inside the shop as well.

At the same time the tailor also came back to the shop. Seeing this condition there he did not understand anything. When he asked his son the son told the whole thing.

The tailor explained to the son that you had treated the elephant badly so he treated you the same way. You will get as you behave. Don't do bad to anyone after today.

Then the tailor went to the elephant and stroked its back and fed it a banana. The elephant became happy. The tailor's son also fed him bananas, which made the elephant and him friends.

Now the tailor's son gave up the mischief and started on his best behavior.

Moral of story - As you sow, so shall you reap.

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