Best Countries To Study In Cheap Abroad For Indian Students

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9 of the Most Affordable Places to Study Abroad

Best Countries To Study In Cheap Abroad For Indian Students

Studying abroad for most Indians can be very promising but a general hindrance to this opportunity is financial support. Pursuing an MBBS in Russia or an MBBS in Ukraine sounds very lucrative but the cost of education has seemed to be the problem with most people. To assist students who may be a victim of low financial support, international institutions have adopted various means of reducing tuition fees and providing quality services to students. A medical student who wants to study abroad may prefer to consider MBBS in Russia or MBBS in Ukraine, but also this degree is obtainable in a cheaper and more comfortable environment. There exist various countries in the world where Indian students can study with cheap tuition payments and yet gain access to quality education. Many of these educational institutes are government-sponsored and thus, possess standard equipment and educational quality and have very cheap tuition fees and cost of living.

Most of the available cheap Universities in most countries are Government-sponsored and it is nearly impossible to find a cheap private University that offers educational quality and expertise. The list of some countries where tuition is very cheap even for foreign students are as follows:

1. Norway: the Norwegian system of education is classified as one of the best in the world, Norway is known widely for its acceptance of worldwide students, and its low cost of education while providing best quality education. Norway has a very low cost of living making it very suitable for Indian students, 4 Norway universities exist among the top 500 ranked by QS world university ranking. Interestingly, Tuition in Norway Public Universities is Free and you do not need to bother even as an international student when attempting to study in this country. The highest Norway ranked universities are the University of Oslo, ranked 135th, and the University of Bergen which is also ranked 171st. available courses amongst many to study in this university are industrial engineering, IT & Computer science, Life sciences & Biotechnology, Natural Sciences, Visual, Digital, and Animated Arts, and many more.

2. Russia: Russia is one of the renowned countries available for Indians to study abroad, with their wide range of opportunities, Russia offers top-notch educational quality at a very cheap price and the cost of living is dependent on the student’s choice. For accomodation, the school provides dormitories at cheaper rates but students can also rent in places outside the Universities. Some of their top medical universities include Tver Medical University, I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University and many other institutions suitable to attain an MBBS in Russia. Lectures are done in English Language,which should be no problem for most Indians.Courses available in Russia are usually Science and Technology related

3. Germany: the second on this list is Germany, having a very cheap tuition fee and opportunities also exists for students who would enroll for scholarships, the public universities in Germany, however, do not charge fees to both native and foreign students except for individuals who study courses different from their first-degree course. The most invested courses in Germany are Computer science, engineering courses, natural sciences, finance, and business administration, and data science & data analytics. Amongst their top Universities are TU Munich, RWTH Aachen University, and many others. Also, living expenses may vary based on the extravagance of the student or choice of living.

4. Taiwan: Taiwan is an Asian country that is considered one of the safest for students, Taiwan occupies the list of one of the countries with the cheapest tuition, also education is free in Taiwan and international students even from India only have to bother about their living expenses. Being in India, it is easier moving to Taiwan being an Asian Country unlike the above listed. Amongst the top Universities in Taiwan are the National Taiwan University, National Tsing Hua University, and many more.

5. France: other than a location for tourism or holidays, France holds a position as one of the countries with the cheapest tuition for both Native and international students. Universities like Ecole Normale Superieure, Pierre, and Marie Curie University, and many more exist as the top universities present in these countries. Indians interested in studying courses like Engineering, Art, History, Aviation and more can apply as these are the most popular courses international students have been recorded to apply to. However, France is a French-speaking country and may require you to learn another language to socialize freely as an Indian who might not speak French.

6. Switzerland: Aside from educational integrity, Switzerland harbors some of the most beautiful cities in the world, having amazing landscapes, mountain views, lakes, and many more amusements enclosed in it. Another country suitable for most Indian Students in Switzerland, in terms of educational glory, Switzerland has in general 12 Universities, 4 of which are ranked amongst the Top 100 of QS world University ranking. Switzerland is just the perfect place for an Indian student to study being a country with very high education quality and beautiful relaxing sceneries to remind you of home. Top Universities in Switzerland include ETH Zurich, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), and more. But like some other available countries may require an Indian to learn a new Language.

7. Italy: Italy is a tourist attraction country with diverse landscapes and beautiful sceneries to explore, but aside from these values, Italy is dedicated to offering a word-class and affordable education to both natives and international students or foreign learners. An Indian student who studies in Italy will have access to new experiences, cultures, languages, food, and friends. Italy Universities also feature in QS top 200 almost every year and is a delightful place for foreigners to learn. Courses available include architecture, Economics, Engineering, Fashion Design and many more, two of the top Universities are Politecnico di Milano and University of Bologna.

8. Ukraine: Ukraine is one of the most renowned available Universities in the world that offer high quality education at low tuition cost. Ukraine is a country with great scenery and beauty and one of the most reliable Universities in the world, well although usually compared with a Russian degree, an MBBS in Russia is definitely less in terms of expenditure than an MBBS in Ukraine, however, Ukraine still is amongst the best Universities that offers quality education at budget tuition price. Top Universities include National Technical University of Ukraine Kyiv Polytechnic institute, Uzhhorod National University, Sumy state University, etc. Programs offered include Medicine, Engineering/science, Agro-Allied, Social science/management, Environmental science, and Humanities & Art.

9. Poland: this country is also suitable for Indian Learners, it has a cheap tuition fee and provides high-quality education, and you do not necessarily need to learn a new language aside from basic to medium knowledge of English Language. Its cost of living is also bearable. Major courses of study in Poland are Medicine, Chemistry, Mass communication, biotechnology & Life science, Business & Economics, etc. The top Universities in this country include the University of Warsaw, Jagiellonian University, and the Medical University of Warsaw.

Studying abroad previously was a very costly process and this has hindered many Indians from attempting an opportunity to study abroad, however recent improvement in most countries has opened this opportunity to everyone once again. Studying in most international countries incurs a large sum but in the above-listed countries, Governmental institutions have been taken to task to support Foreigners and provide them with necessary academic and educational support.

More so, another country where Indians can study with cheap tuition in Canada, Canada is very popular recently, due to its scale of opportunities and planning for students' educational experiences.

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