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by sravya 8 months ago in courses
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1. Increased Revenue:A nicely designed website will attract more users and helps in converting users into customers which results into a increase in revenue for any company. A Professionally designed web page generates more traffic to any website which is very useful for marketing.

2. Creates a Strong First Impression:Whenever user visits a website, the design of the website creates first impression on them and based on the impression they decide if they want to use website or not so a website should be nicely designed. If first impression is not good they will look for some other websites.

3. Search Engine Optimization:Having a good rating at search engines is very good for web sites as it gives good reach to web sites which is the main aim for many companies and businesses. And for any web site to have good search engine ranking it should be well designed which is done by web designing.

4. Competition:Web Design helps industries to keep up with their competitors in market.As today more aspects of industries are held through web sites. For company to stay in market it needs to develop with industry trends and to develop with industry trends industry needs their web designs to be good and makes changes according to industry trends.

5. Trust:Web Design makes it easier for users to trust a company or brand website. As a user uses a website only when he has trust for the website. And for creating trust web design is very essential as when users sees a nicely designed websites they have good impressions about it and this leads to creation of trust.

6. Good Word of Mouth: Whenever a user visits a website and he feels good about the websites then he would also suggest his family members and friends to visit that website and it will create good traffic for the web site and this in terms of products selling website is very necessary.

7. Makes it Simpler to add future Website Functionality: If you ever wish to add some additional functionalities in your website, a professionally designed website will make it easier to do this task.

8. Reduced Bounce Rates: When any website is nicely designed it not only attracts users but also keeps them exploring different parts of the websites which leads to reduction in bounce rates.

9. Showcase is Effective: Whatever is the purpose of a website, a good web designed website will be able to deliver the purpose of the website. With just the first look of the website users will be able to understand the purpose of the website and you will not have to inform it through writing texts.

For make your user feel good about a website the web designing of the web site is the main aspect because the design and logic of a web page decides if user wants to visit a website or not. in todays world, where companies update their websites daily it is essential to have good web designer who designs website such that it will be easy to update for any future updates or additions. Nowadays, users see only first two websites when they search anything and if your web site search engine optimization is good then only user will see your website otherwise your website will remain unseen. Therefore, as a business aspect web designing is very important as it makes your search engine ranking high. The front-end part of any website is like a stores front part. Everytime we meet a new person or potential client, we always try to make a good impression. Humans naturally are drawn to beautiful things and having your websites beautifully designed will give good attraction to your website which results into increase in in revenues.

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