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Benefits of Pursuing MBBS in Russia 2020-21 Twinkle Institute AB

MBBS in Russia

Among all the developed nations in the world, Russia stands out in being a highly literate country with a literacy rate of 99% and the majority of its residents holding a university degree. The rich and healthy tradition followed by people of Russia educational institutions provides their students with high-quality studying and living conditions. It is a best destiny for international students to Study MBBS Abroad In Russia. According to a survey each year Russia educates students from over different hundreds of countries across the world and also provides free education to the few deserving scholars students. Even otherwise, education in Russia is very affordable when compared to other developed countries like the US, UK, or other European countries.

There are plenty of choices from seven hundred universities from 82 regions offering over 400 different fields of study and more than 670 subjects across various directions. Although many of the leading Russian medical universities have mixed programs in collaboration with European medical universities which is giving education same as all Medical Universities in the world and they are giving the benefit of achieving the dual state degrees valid everywhere. A student who is pursuing Medical studies Russia Medical College can gets many additional benefits which includes excellent sports facility also which is provided to all international students. Over eighty percent of students in Russia are indulged in sports activities and most of the universities provide students with the excellent sports facilities and the students get opportunities to get into many of the top teams with best internationally trained coaches.

Culturally, Russia is a multinational country where students from all the most diverse countries and cultures visit there and can adapt very easily. The Russian Federation provides the freedom to the people of Russia and international students to practice various religions from Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, and several other ethnic religions.

The healthcare sector in Russia is provided by both governments as well as by private hospitals. There are estimated over five thousand five hundred hospitals in Russia. Though the Russian federation provides free medical facilities to all the residents and also to immigrants, as in other countries, the expanding middle-class society usually went to Private hospitals due to better service provided, shorter waiting queues and easier access. However, the thing to note is that the quality of medical education in Russia is excellent. Russia has introduced in some of the most specialized fields of medical recently and has had many developmental achievements in several areas of Russia.

Now medical students who are dreaming of studying medicine abroad, especially before studying MBBS in Russia can analyse the few general facts about this country that is given below.

Most of the Indian medical aspirants after qualifying for NEET have a long struggle for getting a seat into Government medical colleges as the availability of seats is few and the demand for donation is very high that leaves a student with very little hope and make them drop a year once again or opt for something different. Remembering these points into mind Russia is the best and right place to study medicine without any donation and capitation fees or even a high tuition fee structure. There are different places people dream about studying or pursuing their further studies in the field of medicine, but when a student wants to get complete exposure and maximum knowledge of medicine, Russia is the right destination with the Best MBBS college in Russia.

Once the place is being decided the very next question that comes into the mind is the cost of fees. Studying anywhere abroad in europe countries is far better than pursuing medicine from India and expensive private colleges but when it comes to study MBBS in Russia it is the most inexpensive place as compared to the rest of the world.

All the medical universities here are well known and in case a student finds it hard to finance himself or herself he can get an education loan from any bank when it comes to this a country without any difficulty.

There is also the scholarship test takes into consideration if a student can pass and get himself benefits out of it.

The medical universities in Russia provide the best facilities for all the medical students either local or international and also allows students to enrol who have not cleared the language tests IELTS or TOFEL.

Being tolerant with these skills is one of the countries where doing MBBS in Russia will assure you a high paying job anywhere across the world.

Generally, the duration of courses of medicine studies is almost the same across all the countries, there comes a small difference due to the additional language of certain country universities. The total duration of Medicine in Russia is of 6 years (Five years for the theory and one-year internship and learning foreign language is also included in this) to study MBBS in Russia for the students who prefer to study MBBS in the English medium. However, if a student chooses to pursue MBBS in the Russian language, then the duration is extended up to seven years mostly English medium is preferred for Study MBBS in Russia For Indian Students.

Dentistry takes 5 years to complete and Nursing & Pharmacy is completed in about four years of duration. Further, even though a student takes-up English as his medium to study medicine the students are also taught the basic Russian language.

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