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Benefits of Having a College Roommate

by Ginger Abbot 3 months ago in college

The positives of sharing off-campus housing with another person.

College is a chance to experience new things, especially when it comes to where you live. You’ll likely need a roommate at some point. You’ll have one automatically assigned to you for on-campus housing, and you’ll probably look for a roommate when it’s time to move off-campus.

There are so many great things to experience when you find a roommate who clicks with you. Check out the main benefits of having a college roommate so you can look forward to moving in together.

1. You Share Bills

When you live on campus, you only need to pay for your room each semester. Most of the time, students only worry about that one-time payment instead of dealing with monthly bills. You also don’t have to think about costs like the water and electricity bills, but all that changes when you move off-campus.

If you’re taking full-time classes and working, paying for bills on your own might not be plausible. The cost of a one-bedroom apartment depends on where you live. A private apartment in Washington, D.C., could cost $2,516 each month, while rent in Oklahoma averages around $680.

Cutting down on rent is one of the reasons why you should have a college roommate. They’ll pay half the cost or even more if you live with additional people.

2. You Learn About Yourself

Living by yourself teaches you about your preferences, but living with a roommate shows you how to get along with someone in your household. It’s different than being at home with family. You have to establish communication regarding things like pet peeves, quiet hours and cleanliness levels. You’ll also discover how you respond to conflict and resolve problems.

These lessons prepare you for living with a romantic partner or even kids in the future. You’ll hone your interpersonal skills and have an easier time sharing a living space later on.

3. You Split Furniture Costs

Signing your first off-campus lease is exciting, but it’s also expensive. After paying your security deposit and prorated rent, you’ll have to buy furniture. Dorm rooms already have beds and desks, but standard apartments are empty. Even if you shop for furniture at secondhand stores, it’s an additional cost that’s tough on college budgets.

Roommates split the furniture so the total cost becomes much more manageable when getting your kitchen table, couch and bedroom furniture. When your lease ends, you can keep what you bought and have less to buy at your next apartment. It’s one of the many benefits of having a roommate in off-campus housing that you won’t get in a traditional dorm.

4. You Share Cleaning Duties

After you get home from working and going to classes, the last thing you want to do is deal with a messy living room and dirty dishes. Roommates can be a massive help with cleaning duties. When you discuss the possibility of moving in together, talk about your cleanliness expectations so you’re on the same page.

You could alternate who takes the trash out and outline when dishes have sat in the sink for too long. It’s a little bit of work off your shoulders that’s a huge relief when you’re pressed for time or exhausted.

5. You’re Less Lonely

Depression has varying levels of intensity that might be hard to recognize. Recent research found that 27% of college students receive a depression diagnosis, which means there are likely more that don’t go to the doctor for help. After stressing about classes and responsibilities all day, it’s challenging to go home to an empty apartment every night and spend those hours alone with your thoughts.

One of the best benefits of having a college roommate is that you’re less lonely. Even during days when you’re both too busy to hang out in the living room, it’s comforting to know someone’s there.

6. You Make a Friend

If you can’t always make it to club meetings or afford to join Greek life, you might find it challenging to meet new friends at school. Your roommate can be that friend you rely upon through good times and bad. They’ll want to hear about your academic achievements and celebrate with you. You can study together for exams or attend events with them by your side.

Friends complete the college experience, especially if you get to live together.

Take Your Time

Finding the right roommate could take some time. Check out posts in social media groups dedicated to connecting housing buddies. Ask your friends if their leases are up soon. When you find someone who fits with your personality and ideal living arrangements, you’ll experience all the benefits of a roommate that make college fun.

Ginger Abbot
Ginger Abbot
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