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Azure Domains (Components)

Azure is Microsoft's cloud-based public platform. Azure provides various services, such as platform as service (PaaS) or infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and managed database services.

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Azure is Microsoft's cloud-based public platform. Azure provides a variety of services, such as platform as service (PaaS) or infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and managed database services. Are you interested in learning details about Microsoft Azure profound knowledge and vast information? To pass the Microsoft Azure Architect Technology (AZ-305) exam and become an Azure Solutions Architect. This certification allows you to build cloud architect solutions by making the use Microsoft services. Microsoft services. This exam can assist you in developing advanced network configurations and also design security and authentication. security in the network infrastructure. Make use of PaaS and other services to develop full Cloud-based services. This AZ 305 certification will enable you to build the necessary skills to develop security and identity solutions including solutions for data storage and business continuity solutions as well as infrastructure-related solutions. Be sure to have Azure Training.

In this Azure basics tutorial, let's discover the most important Azure components:


It can be used for computing functions like hosting applications, development, and deployment within the Azure Platform. It includes the following elements:

Virtual Machine lets you deploy any language or work-load on any operating system.

Virtual Machine Scale Sets: Lets you make thousands of virtual machines in a matter of minutes

Azure Container Service is a way to create the container hosting solution that is designed for Azure. It is possible to scale and organize applications by using Kube, DC/OS, Swarm or Docker

Azure Container Registry registry service stores and manage images for containers across all kinds of Azure deployments

Functions: Let's write code regardless of the infrastructure and the provisioning of servers. When your call rate for functions increases, your performance goes up.

Batch Processing: This can help you increase the number of hundreds, or even thousand virtual machines, and also run computer pipelines.

Service Fabric: Make it easier to use microservices for applications development as well as lifecycle management. It is compatible with Java, PHP, Node.js, Python, and Ruby.


Azure store provides a cloud-based storage solution that is suitable for modern applications. It was created to meet the demand of their customers for scaling. It lets you manage and store hundreds of Terabytes of data. It is comprised of the following elements:

Blob Storage Azure Blob Storage an online service that can store non-structured information in Azure as objects or blobs. It can be used to store any kind of binary or textual data, including documents, media files or an application installer.

Queue storage: This enables cloud-based messaging between components of an application. It uses synchronous messaging that establishes communications between the application components.

File Storage: With Azure Storage for Files, it is possible to transfer older applications. It is based on sharing files to Azure rapidly and without costly revisions.

Table Storage Azure Table storage stores semi-structured NoSQL data in the cloud. It is a key/attribute storage that is schema-free.


This category comprises Database as a Service (DBaaS) that offers SQL as well as NoSQL tools. Also, there are databases like Azure Cosmos Database and Azure Database to PostgreSQL. It comes with the following parts:

SQL Database: It is a relational db service within the Microsoft cloud, based on the world-leading Microsoft SQL Server engine.

DocumentDB: It's an entirely operated NoSQL database service. developed for quick and predictable performance as well as easy development.

Redis Cache: It's an extremely secure and safe key-value store. It stores data structures like strings, hashesand lists, etc.

Content Delivery Network

(CDN) stores static web content at strategically positioned places. This helps to offer the fastest delivery of content to your users. It includes the following elements:

VPN Gateway: VPN Gateway is a secure way to transmit data across the internet via a public connection.

Traffic Manager assists users control and allow you to manage the distribution of traffic to services such as WebApps, VM, Azure and cloud services across various Datacenters

Express Route: Helps extend your existing on-premises network to the Microsoft cloud via the use of a private connection that is dedicated with Microsoft Azure, Office 365 along with CRM Online.

Security + Identify services

It has the ability to detect and address Cloud security dangers. It also assists you in managing manage encryption keys as well as other assets that are considered to be sensitive. It includes the following elements:

Key Vault Azure Key Vault lets users protect keys that are cryptographic and allows you to develop secrets that can be that are used by cloud-based apps and other services.

Azure Active Directory: Azure Active Directory and the identity management service. It includes multiple-factor authentication and device registration, among others.

Azure AD B2C Azure AD B2C an identity management cloud solution to manage your user-facing web and mobile apps. It lets you scale thousands of million of user identities.

Enterprise Integration Services:

Service Bus: is an information delivery system that operates on the third-party communication system.

SQL Server Stretch Database: This service allows you to migrate any data that is cold securely and efficiently into in the Microsoft Azure cloud

Azure AD Domain Services: It provides managed domain services such as joining a domain, setting up a group policies as well as LDAP and group policy. This authentication works with Windows Server Active Directory.

Multi-Factor Authentication Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a two-step authentication. It allows you to gain access to information and applications, and offers an easy sign-in procedure.

Monitoring and Management Services

These services facilitate the management and management Azure deployment.

Azure Resource Manager allows users to manage and monitor the resources in your application. You can also control the people within your company who is able to use the resources.

Automation Microsoft Azure Automation is an option to automatize repetitive, lengthy flawless, error-free, and continuously repeatedly performed tasks. These tasks are usually carried out in a cloud or enterprise environments.

Azure Networking

Virtual Network: Provides network isolation and segmentation. It allows filtering and routing network traffic.

Load Balancer: Provides the highest availability and performance on the network of any application. Load balance information about Internet traffic to virtual machines.

Application Gateway is an appliance with a dedicated virtualization that provides the application delivery Controller (ADC) in the form of an option.

Azure DNS: Is Hosting service offers name resolution using Azure infrastructure.

Web & Mobile Services:

Web Apps: lets you create and host websites using the programming language you prefer without having to manage the infrastructure.

Mobile apps: Mobile Apps Service offers the most scalable and worldwide accessible mobile application development application platform to users.

API Applications: API applications help developers develop APIs, host them and consume them on-premises and in the cloud.

Apps: Logic Apps: The Logic Apps assists you in simplifying and build modular integrations

Workflows on the cloud

It gives you a visual designer to help you design and implement your workflow as a set of steps, referred to workflow

Notification Hubs Azure Notification Hubs provides an intuitive, multi-platform expanded push engine

Event Hubs Azure Event Hubs are data streaming platform that can handle millions of events in a second. Data that is sent into an event hub may be converted and stored with any real-time analytics service. storage adapters for batching or storage.

Azure Search: It is a cloud-based service that can manage servers and infrastructure. It provides a ready-to-use service can be populated with your personal data. This is a best way to integrate search into any web or mobile app.


Tools for migration help organizations estimate the costs of migration for workloads. It also assists in the migration of workloads that are currently in existing data centers in your area to Azure cloud. If you're seeking for more detailed info about Azure cloud, it is accessible by a thorough preparation through Azure training in Bangalore.


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