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Assignment Help of university of Phoenix
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The university of phoenix is highly ranked in the USA. It is renowned for its unique and classic educational system. Scholars from around the globe come to study here. At Phoenix, they always try to bring out the best in every student. To examine the knowledge and academic skills, students are assigned with assignments and homework.

Every student strives for the scores but not all of them are capable of that. So they take assignment help from experts. students look for help to prepare the university of phoenix assignments.

University of phoenix offers numerous courses and law is one of them. Some of the law courses are mentioned here:

• LAW 531

• LAW 421

• LAW PA513

• LDR 722

• LDR 726

• LAW 441

• HSN 471

Legal Case Study

A legal case study is the sort of research conducted on a case that has been solved. It is a method of self-learning to understand the procedure and how the court proceedings are done. It helps to learn practically about the laws applied in the case. Laws can be applied in different cases in different scenarios and it gets critical for the students to determine the law. Therefore, legal case studies come out as the best solution for the students. Preparing a case study can enhance analytic skills and critical thinking.

A law case study is counted in the extensive study of a unit of law. There are multiple categories of law that are studied by the students. Such as business law, contract law, company law, sales law, etc. legal case study can be done in any category of law. Writing a case study is a complicated task. That’s why students have to look search for how to prepare a good case study.

Legal Case Study Examples

• SC Judgement gives Relief for Electricity Consumers in Mumbai.

• Orissa Manganese and Mineral Pvt Ltd VsAdhunik Steel Ltd.

• Orissa Mining Corporation v Ministry of Environment and Forest.

• Divorce on Ground of Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage Invalid.

Writing Legal Case study

To write a good legal case study one has to follow several steps. From finding out an appropriate topic to a thorough analysis of the case, numerous steps are involved and they are discussed below:

a. Read and examine the case:the first and foremost step is to read and examine the case properly. take notes, highlight important facts, underline the key issues.

b. Focus on analysis:to form a detailed ae study, deep research and analysis are required. Do proper research and find out the 2 to 4 problems and then work on it.

c. Possible solutions: figure out all possible solutions and make changes in your case. It would help you to determine whether the case study has worked well or not.

d. Selecting the best solution: The final step is to select the best solution for the case and form a perfect legal case study.

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