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Sometimes we just need to make art and express ourselves; this is my journey of how making art has helped and shaped me into who I am today.

By aureliabloodPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

As a kid I was always caught drawing in class. Not just out of boredom necessarily, it's just that my mind was always elsewhere, it seemed; to this day my mind is still the same, quite honestly, no matter what I could not focus in class at all. I don't have an attention disorder, though it was assumed that I did, all it was was that I wanted to make art and express myself.

Even though when you're in grade school your drawings mostly consist of stick figures and aren't necessarily TOO advanced, somehow I seemed to be ahead of the pack. Meaning, I saw things differently than everyone else did in my classes when we'd get an art assignment, and it just set me apart from the others.

Funny story about making art when I was in grade school. In the fifth grade, we were all doing some coloring during a class party and I had decided to use colored pencils versus crayons, the reason being that I didn't like the way crayons didn't blend properly and didn't come out as ''soft" as I had intended my colors to be. My teacher then made an announcement to the class saying that we should be using crayons because it comes out "nicer" and "smoother" than colored pencils, because colored pencils "made lines", then made eye contact with me and said my name, directing the announcement towards me.

The things I remember sometimes, it's insane. Of course, as I got older and went through school I did as I pleased when it came to my art. Always have I been such a strong willed child. I mean, all I wanted to do was make some art, so when the chance arose I put my full effort into it. Creating the best of the best. When it comes to something I love or care about, I always ALWAYS give my best effort. That's why a lot of my music and art pieces take me so much time to create, I just want them to be as flawless as possible and then improve upon them if they are not.

In junior high, you had to "try out" to get into the art classes. So in those years I didn't do any art, besides in my classes when it was an assignment or when I wasn't supposed to (it was mostly when I wasn't supposed to but that's besides the point). In junior high I took choir as my elective, which honestly wasn't bad. That taught me how to have confidence as I was on stage, so it did serve a purpose. Plus, as you all know, I am sure, I love music.

When high school came, I saw a course available called graphic design. Once I learned what it was I wanted to sign up immediately. Signing up for this course was the best decision of my life, quite honestly. Though I didn't take the second year of graphic design until my junior year–I took guitar my second year (even though I could already play at this point, I needed an elective so I chose that–again, another story for another time)– being able to take graphic design at all was just absolutely fantastic.

When I first joined the program there was only Graphic Design I/II. But once in the second semester of the graphic design II program, my teacher then reached out to us in the second year of the course that she was going to begin the third year of the course starting in the 2014/2015 school year. Of course, I automatically jumped in on the program.

In the third year, it was only myself along with two other students. It was a very independent environment, where we'd still consult with our teacher when we'd draw up thumbnails for our projects then pitch it to her as if we were in the actual graphic design workforce, but for 99.9% of the time we were completely on our own. This gave me a lot of confidence in myself and my abilities, because I'd have to look up tutorials then be able to execute them on my own to the best of my ability. Also, as a team in the third year, we developed a poster for the M.A.P. (Murrieta Admissions Program) poster competition, and we won money for our graphics program and received certificates. Up to this point in my life, I'd never won anything with something I created/helped create, so this was so very exciting.

Super long story short, I developed a great relationship with my teacher. My art was never the same, and I always did set myself apart from the other students I was with. One day I wish to go back to my high school and bring her some of my current art as a gift, so I can show her where I am now and thank her for teaching me. She really saw a lot in me, I know, even though deep down I didn't see a lot in myself at the time. She really was such a positive influence and had such a huge impact on my life.

Now, I like to say, I am successful with my art abilities. I've designed my own logos, merchandise, portraits, and everything in between. Just recently I've decided to start making some art again in Illustrator, it's really given me some freedom and has helped me feel better mentally.

So if you have any art courses available, most definitely take them. It could be the thing that either changes or saves your life. Though I cannot necessarily draw human faces well, and I prefer most of my art to be black and grey/white, I still create. Art is art. If you feel that what you created is beautiful, and you feel confident in it, don't listen to anyone else. Art is in the eye of the beholder. There are no mistakes in art. No matter what art form it may be, it is most definitely therapeutic. It gave/gives me the voice I wish I had. Just be yourself and create, no matter what anyone says. It's never too late to start. Go make some arty art art.


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