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After seeing the retired director who sold squid skewers, I understood why the boy who was admitted to Tsinghua University had a gleam in his eyes.

why the boy who was admitted to Tsinghua University had a gleam in his eyes.

By davidPublished 7 months ago 6 min read

I stumbled across a video by accident, and after watching it, I was deeply touched.

A girl who shoots a food video is walking aimlessly on the snack street in the night market square.

Before walking a few steps, the stall owner of the squid barbecue stall not far away caught her attention.

This uncle has a completely different feeling from other merchants.

The other traders were greasy and busy, but this uncle was calm, smiling, and he felt polite, not like a small trader at all.

This stark contrast aroused the girl's curiosity, so she took the opportunity to buy a string and chatted with the uncle.

If you don't talk, you don't know, but you can gain a lot from talking.

Although the uncle looks very young, he is actually a 73-year-old "uncle", and when he was young, he was a mechanical engineer and a division-level cadre. He has retired for many years.

"I'm 73 years old this year, and I've been selling kebabs for 26 years. I used to sell them when I had time after get off work to subsidize my family. Later, I couldn't change them, and I sell them now.

"My son is a master and my daughter is a doctor."

The uncle speaks with full of energy and is very generous in his speech.

The girls chatted about it, and the old man talked freely: "A dozen of our old classmates are gone, and they are very sad in the classmates.

"I will tell them, what is sadness? We are all passing by in a hurry, and decades will pass quickly. The most important thing is to live the current life well, live happily, and live steadily."

The uncle said that he is not short of money, and he doesn't want to sell many skewers. He just has something to do every day, and the children are all good, so they can feel at ease.

The girl asked the uncle, your son and daughter are so good, can you ask how they were raised?

The uncle smiled and waved: "I never check their homework, it all depends on self-consciousness.

"When the children went to primary school, it was very difficult at home. They knew that I was working hard, so I worked hard in reading."

The girl asked again, "Can you tell us about your attitude towards life?"

The uncle said: "Be a human being, don't be too selfish. I always think about others and rarely think about myself, including my parents and colleagues. I can't make others uncomfortable."

Later, this video was forwarded by Xinhua News Agency, with nearly 2 million likes and many praises.

One of my favorite messages: "It turns out that there really is a book scent that can't be concealed by the smell of squid."

Some people say that they have all been cadres at the division level, and it is shameful to do this now.

But I think that the reason why the uncle was able to reach such a high level before is precisely because of the calmness of being a retired cadre who can still sell skewers.

Facing the glory of the past, the departure of relatives and friends, and the future of the child, he is at ease.

This quality is extremely rare.

Live life down-to-earth and pursue the life that suits you down-to-earth, without shame.

It's embarrassing for those who are obviously useless, but they are so ambitious and put their position very high.

After writing about the uncle who sells skewers, I thought of a student from Tsinghua University.

In 2019, a 19-year-old boy was admitted to Tsinghua University with a score of 713. When the admission letter was delivered to his home, the boy was moving bricks on the construction site.

His name is Lin Wandong, and he was born in a poor mountain village in Yunnan with a family of six.

My father suffers from a cerebral infarction, my sister is a sophomore in high school, and my brother is still in the first year of high school. The burden of life rests on my mother.

Facing the hardships of life, Lin Wandong understood a truth since he was a child:

"Only by self-improvement can there be infinite possibilities in the future."

He set the lofty ambition of not taking the test at Tsinghua University.

During high school, he studied hard with super self-control and perseverance. After the college entrance examination, the review materials he had written could hardly fit on a long table.

After the college entrance examination, in order to reduce the burden on the family, Lin Wandong followed his mother to the construction site to work.

On average, he carries hundreds of bags of cement and thousands of pounds of sand on his back every day.

Later, Lin Wandong did not live up to the expectations of his parents, and used this tenacity completely in his studies.

In his freshman year, he achieved first place in the department.

In 2020, due to the postponement of the national school start due to the epidemic, Lin Wandong signed up for the "Chunlin Anti-epidemic Student Assistance Action" organized by the school and became a volunteer.

After that, he also helped students from other impoverished areas to take the college entrance examination.

Lin Wandong, who came out of a poverty-stricken area, has the quality of perseverance, is low-key in life, and is humble and polite.

From him, I seem to see the shadow of the uncle who sells skewers.

The difference is the age, the same is the attitude towards life that will not be affected by the outside world no matter what situation you are in.

These two stories touched me a lot.

Uncle Kebab and Boy Moving Bricks represent two generations of different ages, but they have many similarities.

For the uncle, kebabs are just a choice in his life, not a necessary choice in his life.

It was the uncle who chose to sell skewers instead of “accommodating” him.

But the uncle chose not only the skewers, but also the original authenticity, the down-to-earth gentleness.

Spiritually rich people will not be kidnapped by the flashy life of desire, they know better what they want.

The same goes for the boy who moved the bricks.

Although he has not graduated yet, he has a hard-working spirit, which means that he can bear more than others at the same level, and he will be more calm in his future life, and it will be easier to find his own path.

What they reveal is exactly what some people lack at the moment.

Fugui, the protagonist in "Alive", relied on the wealth of his family to spend freely when he was young, eats food and is lazy, and is addicted to gambling and alcohol.

In the end, he lost all his family property, and his wife was taken back to her parents' home by her old husband.

Overnight, the wife and son separated and wandered the streets.

In fact, some young people today are very similar to Fugui at that time.

When others go to the library to study every day, they lie in bed playing games and chasing dramas;

When others are successful, they complain about social injustice and attribute other people's efforts to good luck.

They only see the bright side of others, but they don't know how much hard work and hard work others have put into their backs.

There is a saying that is widely circulated on the Internet:

"You'll need to suffer a little while you're young before you're truly humble. Otherwise, your self-righteous intelligence and contempt for everything will destroy you sooner or later."

Time is the fairest thing in this world. Whatever you sow, you will reap the fruit

If you choose comfort at the age of struggle, then at the age of ease, you still need to work hard.

Frozen three feet is not a day's cold, treat the world with your heart, treat everything in your life with your heart, and the world will give you the same return.

May all young people cherish time, ride the wind and waves, and move forward bravely.


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