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Advantages of giving CUET Exam and How to Crack ?

CUET Examination

By Apex UniversityPublished 2 months ago 4 min read

CUET Examination, or the Common University Examination Test, conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) is one of the most prestigious entrance examinations conducted to secure admission in reputed central, state, deemed and selected private universities of India. The examination is based on standard aptitude examination pattern coupled with specific sections dedicated to domain specific questions. The very first advantage of appearing for CUET is that it allows admission in multiple central universities without sitting for subject specific examinations. Since CUET tests a candidate’s natural aptitude and not just cramming skills, without being as difficult as individual examinations like JEE and NEET. CUET examination was introduced as a measure to counter the menace of extremely high cut-offs for securing admissions in well-reputed universities in India. It is to be noted that because the body conducting examinations were not standard, the method of awarding marks varied, questioning the objectivity of deciding standard cut-off for different boards. In consequence, candidates did not have a level playing field when it comes to admission applications. To overcome this problem, implementation of CUET and a standard merit list as the basis of admission was well-received by students. This admission exam’s primary goal is to establish a platform that offers fair chances to all students in India, regardless of their gender, religion, or marks on their class 12 board exam. If they pass the admission exam, students hailing from remote areas will also have the chance to apply to central universities. To submit an application, students in the general category must receive at least a 50% on their class 12 board exam. The CUET exam is crucial since it aids students in developing their careers. The following list includes a few arguments for the significance of the Cuet Exam.

1. Opportunities that are fair and equal for all students Nowadays, students hope to get accepted into reputable institutions of higher learning so they can enroll in the programmes of their choice. Out of a big number of students, relatively few are able to enroll in their top institutions and excel in their studies. Students do not have an equal opportunity to select their desired university and graduation programme due to their low class 12 board score. The emphasis placed on Class 12 Board Test measures demotivates them.

2. To inspire students, the Ministry of Education has launched the CUET Entrance Exam. This kind of entrance exam gives each student an equal opportunity to do well on the test and subsequently gain admission to the top colleges. This does not, however, imply that the Class 12 Exams will not be given any weight. It has decided to weigh the Class 12 board test by 50% and the CUET score by the remaining 50%.

3. Perceived bias can be removed using the CUCET Exam. It can be challenging for a candidate to gain admission to reputable institutions if they had low marks in several of their class 12 topics, such as physics and chemistry, but they still wish to pursue honours degrees in those subjects. The Class 12 grades have been the sole criterion for admittance up until this point. Admission to some degree programmes has been refused to students with low grades. In order to combat subjective bias, CUET Exams will be implemented in 2022.

4. The CUET Exam seeks to minimise subjectivity and safeguard the interests of the students. The Class 12 candidates are given a second chance to demonstrate their abilities by passing the entrance exam through the CUET. If the candidate has the necessary potential, they can take the exam and do well. Even if they received fewer scores on the board test, this will enable the students to enroll in higher degree programmes of their choice.

The best way to crack the CUET Examination is to prepare well from the start. A candidate must start preparing for the examination from the starting for class 12 only, as only post-board crash-course based preparation leaves little room for adequate revision and strategy preparation. Further, enough attention should be given to apprising oneself with facts and formulas of the text rather than memorising long answers and reasoning while preparing for boards, which will come in handy while preparing for subject specific sections.


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