Adjusting to My First Year of College

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Inside My First Few Weeks

Adjusting to My First Year of College

The wait felt like forever...I was going on my last year of high school and I just couldn't wait to get out. It felt like the longest four years of my life and I was ready for a new start with friends and an introduction to what was going to be my future career. Once summer hit the time flew by, and before I knew it I was moving into my first home away from my family. Little side note, I am super close with my family so this transition was HARD. (As it usually is).

So, I moved into a new house on residence. I now have 5 others living with me and thankfully we get along great. My parents helped with the move and I held it together all day until they were about to leave. It finally hit me that they were actually leaving and I wasn't going to see them everyday. The following consisted of lots of tears but I was SUPER lucky to be living with a few friends that I already knew. This made the move so much easier because we were all going through the same thing and we could be there for each other.

The first week didn't feel real. I was starting in a new routine, new home, having to self serve myself everything, and of course new classes and a new school. The stress hit me hard and all I wanted to do was cry. Why did I do this? Maybe I should've taken a year off...These thoughts floated through my mind and I seriously considered packing up and leaving. Then my amazing best friend reminded me that we are doing this to start our future. We have to get through the hard times to have the great, and that hit me hard. I realized that yeah it can be hard, I miss my family like crazy, I miss the normal, but this is my normal now and I may as well make the best of it.

My first week consisted of lots of Frosh activities and fun. I am in week 2 and it still feels like I'm trying to settle in and find a groove. My course load hit me a lot harder than I was expecting and in the past I haven't been a great studier. I new that coming into college I would have to become more serious with my school work, but didn't realize the extent of it. To ADD to my stress, I got diagnosed with strep throat a few days ago. So new home, new school, new friends, new stresses, and now strep. I only made it to like 2 classes this entire week, so thankfully!!!!! they post some of the notes online.

I am still finding my grounding and trying to make my new home and new town the norm for me. It will take some time but I am just glad I have others going through the same situation. It hasn't been all bad though, I had an amazing first week and just got hit pretty hard going into the second week. For those reading this I will tell you now, FIND a BALANCE for school work and for fun. It can be hard because in the past I have hung out with my friends to 'study' and that doesn't end up happening. So I would recommend 'studying' alone or with a friend you know will actually get work done! College is about learning and having fun! If you can find a healthy balance you will have the time of your life, I promise!

Good luck to anyone in their first year or those who are going into college next year! I believe in you and even though it may seem hard at the beginning you will find balance and you will get through it!! XO

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