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A Day in the Life of North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un !!!

Lavishness, Disinformation, and Dread...

By Abdur Rahman Published 3 months ago 3 min read

Imagine yourself with an iron handle on power, spending your days encompassed by extravagance, getting a kick out of the best delights, and partaking in the deference of your subjects. For Kim Jong Un, the North Korean Preeminent Pioneer, this is basically one more ordinary day in his life. Kim has a princely and perplexing existence, loaded up with arranged publicity visits and extravagant blowouts.

In the middle of Between:

1. **A Tyrant's Liberal Diet**

Kim Jong Un's adoration for lavish eating has no limits. His eating regimen is a portrayal of overabundance, with things like expensive bourbon, imported Kobe steak, and phenomenal delights like shark blade soup. Underneath the lavishness, notwithstanding, is a wellbeing emergency: the Preeminent Pioneer's rich way of life has left him distressed with gout and different infections. Kim gorges himself on the most rich food sources from around the globe, further featuring the tremendous contrasts that exist inside North Korea as a large number of individuals there battle to take care of themselves.

2. **The Promulgation Facade**

Kim's very much kept up with public persona remains as a distinct difference to North Korea's genuine lifestyle. He is being depicted as a thoughtful pioneer through organized visits to army bases and lavish publicizing endeavors, yet actually considerably more vile. The misleading publicity device of the system is generally working monitoring the general population and controlling contradiction. The continuation of Kim Jong Un's clique of character, which awards him practically heavenly status according to his residents, is pivotal to keeping up with his hang on power.

3. **Security precautionary measures and paranoia**

Kim Jong Un lives in steady apprehension about being killed, which drives him to extreme security precautionary measures and suspicion. Kim's obsession with security features how shaky his power is, as seen by his utilization of individual security detail and caravans surrounded by reinforced tanks. Indeed, even to the detriment of his own kin's government assistance, Kim is headed to clutch power by the persevering possibility of both inward and outside difficulties to his predominance.

4. **Power's Brutality**

Kim Jong Un utilizes ruthlessness and fear to clutch his iron hold on power. The passings of his own relatives and different executions act as a getting wake back on track call of the cost of insubordination. The utilization of a destructive nerve toxic substance to kill Kim Jong Nam, the despot's stepbrother, is confirmation that his mercilessness has no restrictions. The mercilessness of Kim's standard is shown by his preparation to crush any challengers to his strength, leaving a way of hopelessness and dread afterward.

5. **Descends into Richness and Amusement**

Kim Jong Un tracks down solace in luxury and entertainment in the midst of the kinds of driving a totalitarian country. Whether relaxing on his uncommonly constructed yacht, taking in a confidential film screening, or stirring it up with previous NBA players like Dennis Rodman, Kim's extravagant way of life gives a window into a world far not quite the same as the difficulties looked by numerous North Koreans. Kim partakes in the extravagances of wealth and influence, safeguarded from the merciless truth of life in his country, while the extraordinary greater part of his kin persevere through mistreatment and difficulty.


With the day reaching a conclusion, Kim Jong Un resigns to his luxurious chateau, leaving a tradition of extravagance and oppression afterward. In spite of the fact that his extravagant approach to everyday life could seem mind boggling, it fills in as a sharp sign of the outrageous contrasts in North Korean culture. Underneath the presence of richness is an administration in view of fierceness, terrorizing, and promulgation. Kim Jong Un keeps on being a portrayal of the negative parts of unrestrained power as the world sees with a blend of interest and fear.

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