9 Fun and Cheap Things to Do on Spring Break

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Spring Break on a Budget

9 Fun and Cheap Things to Do on Spring Break

Spring break is just about the middle of the semester, so here are a few things to pass the time in a useful way during break.

Create a goal board.

Midterm week has either just ended or is about to begin around this time. If you haven't done so already, create a goal board for the rest of the semester. You want to ace that final! Finally get all the things you've been wanting to do this semester don and make it a point to look at your goal board everyday. Writing it down and seeing your vision everyday makes a difference.


If you don't like to read, then this one is not for you. However, if you do, look up a topic in the book section of Amazon, or visit a local book store for something you have always been interested in. For example, "proof that aliens are real," or "the evolution of the english language." Find a modern informational book that will keep your interest. Grab a donut, and some coffee/tea and enjoy it! Some people like to read self-help books too. Self-help books are especially helpful during the middle of the semester while you need positive words and motivation.

Clean and rearrange the furniture in your room.

Spring cleaning is what they call it. Giving yourself something different to look at can subconsciously influence your mood. Have you had your furniture and decorations in the same spot for years? Change it up. Clean and organize while you're at it. Go on Pinterest for room ideas. Pinterest has informational photos on how to maximize room space and ways to organize while keeping your aesthetic.


It's not a bad idea. If you are energized and feel motivated to get things done, get some school work done! Nothing is more satisfying than knowing a school project or essay is over and done with. Get it done while you have the time. During the break, you can spread out the work that needs to be done over the time that you have, instead of pressuring yourself while classes are in session.

Check something off your bucket list.

Get a tattoo, go bungee jumping, dye your hair pink... think of something that scares you to think about and do it. Is it even spring break if you didn't do anything risky? Don't make any decisions you are going to regret, especially ones you can't reverse or fix.

Follow a dance tutorial.

YouTube is filled with dance videos and tutorials. If you're not really a dancer, now is the time to teach yourself some go-to moves. Look for mirrored versions of dance tutorials on YouTube and try to follow them the best you can. Learn a few moves that you can bust out at parties or when you're hanging out with friends. It would be even more fun to gather friends and learn to do a surprise group routine at events together.

Pull a prank on someone and film it.

Pulling pranks on people takes careful and strategic planning. If you want it to be believable, you need to make sure that everything falls into place and you also need to have good acting skills. For a good laugh, don't just pull a simple plastic roach prank. Pull one that might even make them upset for a few minutes. When you show them the camera hiding in the corner and tell them its a prank, they will likely laugh too.

Photoshoot and Photography

An option for the ladies and maybe the men too: put on your best outfit, do your makeup and pose for pictures. Go to a park or wait for the sunset to take breathtaking pictures in front of beautiful landscapes. Even if you are not going anywhere, it is still fun to get gussied up just to take pictures. While you're at it, take pictures of things in nature and any artsy things in your area. You might even be able to sell them as stock photos. The best photos are of things you would never think to look at on a regular day.

Buy an adult coloring book.

Believe it or not, one page out of an intricate coloring book can take at-most two hours to color. Color a page, rip it out and hang it up in your dorm room or decorate your school supplies. Coloring books are a great relaxer and time waster.

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