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8 Important Facts About DFW Airport

Airlines are the lifeline of the American Transport System and some US airports are widely applauded for their world-class facilities and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Are you planning to travel through DFW Airport? Book car service in Dallas to reach there on time and keep in mind these 8 facts for a safe journey.

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8 Important Facts About DFW Airport
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DFW Airport is the primary international airport serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and the North Texas region in the US. Sprawling across 17, Guest Posting207 acres of land, it is the second-largest airport by land area after Denver International Airport. Curious to know more?

It is the home and the largest hub for American Airlines

You’ll be glad to know that Dallas Fort Worth Airport is the largest hub for American Airlines, and serves 23 other passenger airlines, including 10 domestic and 13 foreign-flag.

This airport mainly offers flights to 67 international and 192 domestic destinations. Additionally, it serves 22 cargo airlines that provide excellent freighter service across the globe, thus positioning DFW as the ideal cargo gateway to the world.

So, whether you are traveling or just using the cargo service, book a car service in Dallas and reach the airport in time.

DFW is the largest carbon-neutral airport in the world

DFW was first opened in 1974 as the first carbon-neutral airport in North America and the largest in the world. When it comes to reducing harmful environmental impacts, DFW airport has taken a balanced approach.

It’s on the track to reducing its carbon footprint by switching to renewable energy while implementing programs to use less of it. So, if you are looking to travel through the Eco-friendly airport, then book a car service at Dallas Fort Worth airport and reach your destination without impacting the environment.

It is one of the busiest airports in the US.

Since DFW is the largest hub of American Airlines and serves a multitude of domestic and international destinations, it is referred to as the busiest airport in Texas and the second-busiest airport in the world by passenger volume. It has a total of seven runways, and each of them is more than 8000 feet long.

DFW International Airport ensures real-time security

While DFW Airport handles millions of travelers every year, it is surprising that the airport still manages to own the status of being one of the safest in the world to visit. DFW has numerous security checkpoints in each terminal and 15 checkpoints overall.

Since these checkpoints always remain busy, it’s suggested to book a car service in Dallas in advance to reach the airport on time. Don’t worry about the wait times as you can check real-time security checkpoint information, either via terminal screens or through the DFW mobile app.

DFW Terminal Link - An Easy way to travel within the airport

While car service Dallas Fort Worth Airport can drop you outside the airport, you probably need something to get around DFW. That’s where DFW Terminal Links come into the picture. These courtesy shuttles operate between all terminals every 10 minutes so you can easily travel within the airport. Passengers can follow the terminal link signs to determine drop-off and pick-up points.

Parking at DFW

DFW International Airport offers plenty of parking options to travelers, including Terminal Garages, Valet Service, Express, and Remote. In addition, you can also go for prepaid parking facilities at DFW. Toll tags, reservations, and discounts for pre-paid parking are available.

Don’t want to run into the parking hassle? Book a car service in Dallas and enjoy a smooth ride to the airport.

Pet Relief and Pet Care

Traveling with pets and getting worried about your furry friend? Fret not as DFW Airport has pet-relief areas at each terminal. DFW’s Paradise 4 Paws provides pet boarding with round-the-clock staffing. Their services include grooming and massage, vet care, and daycare.

Outdoor pet relief areas are also located in or near parking across the terminal from Gates D17, A8, D30, C2, C39, E38, and B49.

Lounges and Eat-outs

Are you traveling through DFW Airport with a First and Business Class ticket or do you have a priority pass? Well, in that case, boost car service in Dallas to reach the airport on time and spend your waiting in luxurious lounges and eateries.

These are the go-to places to enjoy a short-stay nap, work, and relax while waiting for your flight. Just like the airport taxi service, you can also order your favorites in advance through the Grab app for quick pick-ups.

So, these are some of the interesting facts you should know when traveling through the DFW Airport. What keeps you waiting for now? Hire the best car service at Dallas Fort Worth Airport and enjoy a hassle free ride to the destination.

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