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8 Benefits Of Being A Neet Aspirant

by Maitri Sharma 3 months ago in courses / student / college
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Understanding the absurd voices of every NEET aspirant in this period of restlessness.


According to research, the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) Examination is one of India's most frantic examinations. With more than 10 lakh students registering for the NEET Examination, the popularity and reputation are increasing.

Now that the examination has finished, there’s a benefit of the doubt in the mind of many students if it’s worth putting this much effort into the NEET examination or if they pass it. They put so much effort into getting admission into the most prestigious universities for MBBS, BDS, and other medical courses.

NTA (National Test Agency) is responsible for conducting the NEET Examination for the students to make it a fair and transparent admission process into private and government universities. CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) was responsible for conducting the NEET Examination to reduce the workload and the burden on the students.

Here’re Some Of The Benefits Of Being A Neet Aspirant You Should Know About

1. Only Entrance Examination- Students had to complete several application forms and follow various steps to register successfully. But now, there’s no need for an extra hustle. Every private and government university will take the NEET Examination score.

The examination will help the students to attain a better opportunity. And one of the most important reasons is that it does not manipulate the ranking.

2. Minimum Pressure- The pressure is comparatively lower. Students do not have to prepare for entrance tests at different universities. It will reduce the students' burden, making them feel less anxious while preparing for the examination. You can easily prepare short notes for NEET biology for your reference.

As there will be only one examination for the students, they can focus more on the examination rather than going after n no. of tests.

3. Give ample time to the questions- In the AIPMT test, students had to attempt 200 questions in 3 hours, but in the NEET Examination, they only need to solve 180 questions in 3 hours which makes the paper a bit less chaotic and provides ample time to solve the questions.

For the practice, students can check out the ICSE Biology solutions and solve them accordingly.

4. Equal Opportunities for Every Student- Students will have many opportunities to secure seats in their dream colleges/universities in any state. They can also get the most prestigious college in the country from this examination.

The entrance examination of the private universities and colleges was not transparent enough, which reduced the chances of deserving students getting admitted into the universities.

5. Language comfort- There’re numerous languages spoken in India. The most common languages used in the examination are generally Hindi and English. This is not the case in the NEET Exam, which considers all the factors.

The exam is in 13 languages: Hindi, English, Gujrati, Bengali, Assamese, Kannad, Punjabi, Marathi, Telegu, Tamil, Odia, Malayalam, and Urdu.

6. Students with weaker backgrounds can avail of the scholarship- Medical coaching is very expensive, and the fees of the colleges and universities are out of the reach of the parents to pay.

So, for those students, there’s a scholarship program. The students with a weaker background who attains good grade will get the scholarship.

7. NEET Examination is Fair and Transparent- State-level examinations of the colleges and universities have a record of the unfair examination. As for the NEET Examination, it is the same for all.

As a result, NEET Examination replaced all the separate state-level examinations and made itself the only functional examination.

8. No Blocking of seats- In the private college, there’s a scam blocking the seats for the colleges by taking donations. But, one of the most intriguing benefits of being a NEET aspirant is that you do not have to face such a problem.

With a NEET score, no college is allowed to book a seat for the students. They can get admission very quickly to college/universities.


These are some of the benefits of being a NEET aspirant. We understand that the NEET Examination is very difficult and crucial for students. But with the right motivation and study tips, you can ace anything. Being a NEET aspirant opens you up to exposure, fairness and transparency, better opportunities, scholarship programs, and other comforts. The efforts to crack the NEET Examination are not an easy task. We understand it entirely, and we support you guys with everything. Always keep one thing in mind, hard work pays off. So, keep working hard and ace your examination.


Q1. What happens after cracking NEET?

Ans. After clearing the examination, the students with the NEET cut-off score will continue with their admission process. Criteria are decided for every category (SC, ST, OBC, and General). Check your percentile and cut-offs accordingly.

Q2. What are the fees for the MBBS course through NEET?

Ans. It differs from university to university. It can be anything like government, private, or deemed university. The fees can be 20000 to more than 7 lakhs. It depends on the university.

Q3. Can I score 720 in NEET Examination?

Ans. Yes, you can score out of marks in the NEET Examination. It depends on your hard work. You need to prepare well and follow all the instructions to get full marks in the NEET Examination.


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I am Maitri Sharma an educator in Physics Wallah having a keen interest in spreading knowledge and providing quality content to the students.

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