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7 Top iOS Apps for College Students in 2021

by Anchit Kumar 2 years ago in list
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iOS Apps for College Students

7 Top iOS Apps for College Students in 2021
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College can be more fun but it can be overwhelming as well. Studying can mean hours spent in the library. Yes at times it can be boring, for the fix the digital technology continues to improve by bringing more and more interesting iOS Apps. This helps education get a lot easier, fun yet functional.

College is a bit challenging, however, a few iOS applications make college education be a tech-savvy world for college students. A number of applications have been introduced by iOS that manages to be a savior for students and help them learn through an innovative experience.

Let us look at a few iOS apps ideally created for college students, garnering a more knowledgeable and fun experience.

1. RefMe:

This application makes use of the phone’s camera that scans the barcode of the book while creating a citation formatted in Chicago, MLA, and whatever format the school makes use of. The application is the leading and also the most accurate multi-platform tool for reference lists, citations, and bibliographies across 7,500 citation styles that include MLA, APA, and Harvard. The application further allows users to generate citations with the help of journal and book barcodes, while syncs them further.

2. StudyBlue:

This is another popular iOS application for students that let you upload class study materials while helping you to create electronic flashcards. These are extremely beneficial to be studied and shared with others. Students have the liberty to practice quizzes and more. It is instead a flashcard creation where the content syncs between mobile and web devices. This helps students to create two-sided flashcards while letting them study at school, study, or on the go.

3. Evernote:

Evernote is another tool that helps you to capture a memo or note in any format. It5 has been efficiently designed for the convenience of students and to help them to undertake note-taking, task management, organizing, archiving, and more. It has been designed for letting users create notes in the form of photographs, saved web content, texts, audio files, handwritten notes, drawings, and more.

4. Oxford Dictionary:

A universal app for English learning, Oxford Dictionary is one of the most beneficial applications in the realm of education. Serving as a beneficial application for students for more than a decade now, this is undoubtedly one of the best apps for college students. It is regarded as one of the flagship products and features advanced English learning and procedures. The app comprises an advanced designed user interface along with updated vocabularies, spellings, and other English terminologies, making English learning fun for students.

5. Dragon Dictation:

Have you ever longed for any app that could convert for you digitally? Well, Dragon Dictation is one such app that is straight out of your dreams. All you need to do is to start talking to the app and it rightly converts everything digitally. The app is extremely popular for its voice recognition feature that enables users to witness the texts generated by speaking and not by typing. Moreover, students can also use it with several popular networking applications.

6. GoConqr:

This is the ideal exam time mobile applications, helping students learn and prepare well for examinations. This app is designed exclusively for students to review the work you create for the web version. In other words, you can take your learning with you and on the go. Moreover, it is designed for you to view, discover, and also share multiple learning resources. It enables students to access varied learning resources such as flashcards, notes, mind maps, quizzes, slides, and more. By collaborating with friends, students can learn better with classmates, friends, and other co-learners.

7. Office Lens:

Another notable iOS app is this Office Lens which takes pictures of documents, receipts, magazines, whiteboards, and more while converting them into text that can not only be edited but also shared. It is equipped to read images from a particular angle while cleaning up glares and shadows well. In other words, it can be referred to as a handy app that converts your smartphone to a pocket scanner. It is equipped to crop, straighten, enhance while helping to make a picture a lot more readable.

Final Thoughts:

Before you set forth with your college assignments and examinations this term, ensure that you make most of the applications as mentioned above. These top iOS mobile applications are designed to transform your learning experience and facilitate an easier mode of education for busy college students.

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