7 Must-Have Features Of The Student Accommodations

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Student Housing

7 Must-Have Features Of The Student Accommodations

All the students across the globe are about to enjoy their summer breaks and all the student housing landlords, as well as agents, are now going to welcome the new batch of the students who will come back to them in September. A lot of organizations, as well as people, are going into the constructions and making investments into the student accommodation projects because of the wide consumer base. The options available with students include en-suites hared en-suite, on-campus accommodation, private halls of residences, dual occupancy studio, studio, shared apartments, etc.

Some of the most important and must-have features of student housing based accommodations are mentioned as follows:

• The student accommodations must have cinema-based rooms: At the time of construction, the main thing to be kept in mind is that the target audience is students and while studying they also are involved in several other things. This is a great feature which the developers have kept in their minds and introduced this after considering the debt capacity of the students. They have realized that all the students are under huge loans which include education loan, maintenance loan and many more. So, entertainment has to be given a priority, and in this way, the students can spend the best time with their friends. Because of this feature, all the students from a single building can sit together and watch a film. This will help to add the element of socializing with huge cost savings on behalf of students because they do not have to go outside and party.

• Gym is another important feature which has to be kept in mind: Almost all the students are fitness freak and health conscious. Also, there is a great trend for working out in the world of fitness. Many of the students are party freak but side-by-side they also have a concern about their health which is the main reason that the developers must consider constructing the gyms into the student accommodations. This will help them to lead a healthy life and focus better on the studies. It can also help the developers to charge more because now they can charge for the gym membership as well.

• The great speed broadband connection along with smart TVs: The TV is the only source of entertainment for the students who have moved away from their houses away from their parents. Hence, smart TVs must also include various kinds of subscriptions like Netflix and Amazon Prime. The developers have considered this option and they have utilized this as an opportunity. Now various developers provide smart TVs to the students along with accommodations which are a great feature. Students can simply log in to their accounts with a good quality internet connection rather than watching the movies alone on the laptops. Hence, this has become a must-have feature for the entire student accommodations. Some various organizations and landlords charge differently for such services but from the student's point of view, these services are very necessary.

• A great location: This is another important feature which has to be kept in mind at the time of choosing the accommodation. The landlords and developers must keep in mind that they develop the areas for student accommodations at the prime localities because it will help in attracting more and more students which will ultimately increase their consumer base. Proximity to colleges is another important point to be considered here. The developers must make sure that such accommodations are near to the supermarkets, coffee shops and many more facilities. A lot of students do not own vehicles so the developers must keep in mind that all the essentials are at walking distance from the accommodation and the accommodation also has good access to the public transport which will be highly preferred by the students.

• Affordability factor: Also the developers must keep into mind that they must not charge very premium prices from the students because a lot of students do not earn on their own and they are here to build their careers. The students also have to look for several things so; the charges for the accommodation must be genuine from the developer's end. Budget limit is a great constraint from the student's end. So, the developers never must aim to exploit the students and they must provide maximum features in the apartments which might facilitate basic amenities so that students can meet their everyday needs effectively and efficiently.

• The provision of maids as well as various kinds of laundry services: Mostly, the students are accountable for keeping the places clean, but a lot of people also prefer to keep a maid to clean their accommodation. Hence, the developers can also consider this point and add it in their portfolio so that consumer base for their accommodation can be widened. There must be a proper provision of maid service as well as laundry services so that students can hire and pay them accordingly. This must not be a compulsion rather it should be kept as an option the students who want can take this depending upon their requirements and needs.

• Proper furniture as well as fixtures: Student accommodation providers must also keep in mind to provide basic facilities like water, electricity, fridge, kitchen related appliances and many more things. All these things can provide a significant increase in the rental values for the developers. A lot of students desire for all these kinds of police when they look for various kinds of options at the time of finalizing them.

Student migration has become a very great trend since the past many years. A lot of universities are coming up in every corner of the country which has provided with the people with opportunities to convert their properties into student accommodations. This has been a great trend in metropolitan cities where people are offering their apartments to the students in consideration of different kind of charges from them. House owners are also benefited from this concept because they will get a steady income for at least a year and on the other hand the students are also benefited because they will get another home away from their actual home. Hence, all the above-mentioned features must be kept in mind at the time of providing such services.

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