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6 Things every writer should know-Savage replies to haters

Learn about writers and savage replies! For cool writers!

By KomalPublished 12 months ago 4 min read
6 Things every writer should know-Savage replies to haters
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In this article, we are going to discuss the things that every writer must know. In the end, there are some savage replies that every writer should know.

Struggles of a writer

There are many challenges a writer has to face in their life. Some writers struggle with the pressure to create original content. There is a rollercoaster of emotions included in a struggling writer’s life since as a writer one might have to deal with countless rejections and tight deadlines.

Some struggling writers are always confused between creativity and money. It is important to balance creativity with the practicalities of life. But passionate writers can overcome all these struggles and continue with their passion for storytelling and creating captivating content for their readers.

Writing isn’t for everyone

If you are a writer then you also need to understand that writing isn’t for everyone since it requires a skill that is a mix of the ability to shape your thoughts into words, dedication, hard work, and passion. A super important thing that is a must-know and every writer should know is, “writing necessities” which include, willingness to embrace solitude, dedication, and self-motivation. Writing doesn’t really mean just writing but editing, countless revisions, and criticism. Criticism is the part of writing.

Indeed, criticism can be quite disheartening but only for those who are not prepared to face it. So be prepared and remember to, “Never give up” once you have made up your mind. Now, it doesn’t matter if you are an author of a book or writing on online platforms, all you need to be a successful writer is to keep learning and applying and be consistent.

Writers are important! Importance of a writer

Writers are like architects of imagination through them, people can explore new aspects and understand the world better around them. Writers can inspire change for the better and ignite curiosity among people.

Not only they can capture the experiences of humans but preserve them for new generations. Writers play a huge role in helping people become better versions of themselves. Writers have contributed immensely to collective wisdom that enriches our lives.

Writing is an arduous journey that only passionate writers are willing to embark upon.

Is writing better than speaking?

Writing is a unique power. Writers can create a painted picture beyond what a camera can capture. When you read a personal journal of an author, storytelling reaches its depth that sometimes surpasses the limitations of just speaking.

Writing a piece often encourages intellectual exploration so the reader’s mind actively participates in constructing the narrative.

Writing can make you a better person!

writing can make you a better person in numerous ways. Through writing you can step into the shoe of a diverse character and understand their perspective. Writing leads to personal growth and self-awareness. It gives you the ability to communicate effectively. Writing helps you in critical thinking and cultivates creativity. In a nutshell, writing has the power to shape individuals into more insightful beings.

Savage replies that every writer should know!

1. Person: when someone asks you, “What do you do for a living”

Writer: “I’m a writer”

Person: Then, what is your upcoming book about?

Writer: “Mind your own business”.


Writer: “Ah, I’m glad you asked! I have the most exciting job ever. I’m a professional dreamer. I turn wild ideas into captivating stories. What about you? Do you turn oxygen into carbon dioxide?”

2. Person: “What do you mean by you write, like an official writer?”

Writer: “Yes! I write about, “How to hypnotize people by saying, I’m a writer”.”

3. Person: So, writing is your only job?

Writer: “No! I have a Cat as well.”

4. Person: How many books have you written?

Writer: “Probably more than you can read!”

5. Person: “Writing isn’t a real job, right?”

Writer: “Oh, you’re right! It’s just a delightful hobby where I spend my days typing away while magical unicorns pay my bills. No need for a ‘real’ job like yours, where you’re stuck in a soul-sucking cubicle. But hey, if you ever want a glimpse into the exciting life of a ‘non-real’ writer, I’ll send you a postcard from my imaginary beach house.”

6. Person: “Writing isn’t a real job, right?”

Writer: “Oh, absolutely! It’s just a never-ending vacation. I mean, who needs a stable income, health insurance, or sanity? It’s so much better to chase plot bunnies and live on a diet of instant noodles. But hey, I guess being a professional couch potato isn’t for everyone.”

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  • noor6 months ago

    that was much needed

  • Alex H Mittelman 9 months ago

    Very informative! I’ll look into it!

  • Starlight Tucker12 months ago

    I always like to tell people that asking a writer/artist of any kind what a more emotional piece of work is "really" about is just not customary in our industry. For example, speculation is rampant when it comes to lyrics written by mega pop stars that "must be" about whatever their most recent break up is. My counterclaim is that an artist reflects on so many different parts of life and relationships that we should not speculate, because every piece of work is really the compilation of personal history. Love the points you made here! Nice work :)

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