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5 Cheapest Student Accommodations in College Station

Student accommodation in College Station

By ava rosePublished 2 months ago 3 min read

College Station, Texas, is home to Texas A&M University and boasts a vibrant academic atmosphere. Known for its lively college culture, it offers diverse recreational and cultural experiences. The city blends modern amenities with Southern charm, creating a welcoming environment for students and residents alike.

Every year, a large number of international students visit College Station to get higher education. A big population of students in College Station is of international students. Excellent arrangements are available here for overseas students one of which is accommodation.

The student accommodations are available in College Station in different price ranges, and you can rent one of them as per your budget. An interesting thing is that you may find luxurious amenities at a low price. Here, you will get information about the 5 cheapest student accommodations in College Station, which will help you in finding the right place to stay in this city.

1. Z Islander

Z Islander is a student housing property in College Station where you get one of the cheapest accommodations. This property offers student accommodation in College Station at minimum $629 per month. At this price, you can book a bedroom in a 4-bedroom apartment. You can get similar accommodation on the top floor at $639 per month. The bedroom is available here with an ensuite bathroom but you need to use a shared kitchen in the apartment. More apartments and studios are also available here.

In this property, you get a study desk and chair and a Wi-Fi internet connection in your room, and a study room is also offered here for students to study. A gas cooker is also provided for cooking the meals.

At the complex, you find a fantastic swimming pool for your leisure. There is also a pool table here to play the friendly matches of pool with co-residents. A 24-hour fitness center equipped with advanced machines is also here. You also get a volleyball court to play sports to have fun and stay fit.

It is a pet-friendly property for pet lovers. Other features here include a laundry, parking space, and secure door entry. You can also attend social events, which are organized in the complex.

2. Redpoint

Redpoint is another cheapest student housing in College Station where you find accommodation at the lowest price of $669 per month. You can book accommodation at this price in a 5-bedroom or 6-bedroom apartment where you can book your private bedroom. Like Z Islander, you get an ensuite bathroom and a shared kitchen in Redpoint. Bedrooms are available at larger prices also in different apartments.

In the amenities, you find a study desk and chair, internet connection, swimming pool, 24-hour fitness center, volleyball court, lounge area, parking space, and more. It is also a pet-friendly property and 24/7 security and secure door entry are the security features here.

3. Berkeley House

Another one of the cheapest student housing properties in College Station is Berkeley House. The lowest-priced accommodation is available here at $749 per month. You can get accommodation at this price in a 4-bedroom apartment and you find an ensuite bathroom here like the above two properties. The kitchen can be found in the dining area.

A study desk and chair, study room, Wi-Fi internet connection, cable TV connection, storage space, gym, parking space, washer and dryer, secure door entry, and pet-friendliness are the amenities and other features of this property.

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4. Dwell Stadium View

Dwell Stadium View offers a bedroom at $750 per month in a 2-bedroom student apartment in College Station, which is one of the cheapest price ranges. The apartments here have private bathrooms with bedrooms and shared kitchens.

Features like a study table and chair, Wi-Fi internet connection, gym, swimming pool, pool table, laundry room, wardrobe, pet-friendliness, and secure door entry are available here. Dwell Stadium View is equipped with CCTV cameras.

5. Northpoint Crossing

Northpoint Crossing offers one of the cheapest-priced bedrooms in a 2-bedroom apartment at $809 per month with an ensuite bathroom and a shared kitchen. Other apartments and studios are also available here. It offers shuttle service and social events, and most of the abovementioned features from study arrangements to a swimming pool are available here.


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