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I'm starting this new thing where I write about my life. I promise it won't get better than this. *profanity warning*

Today was my first day back from spring break and I'm not gonna lie, it was absolute shit (but it gets better, so just hang in there while I complain about first world problems). I woke up twenty minutes late, which didn't bother me because I don't give a fuck how I show up to school. If anyone wears contacts, you'll know then it can be brutal hell. Sometimes you put them in inside out, you drop them, you got shit on your hands, they tear, or worse, THEY TEAR IN YOUR EYES, which is what happened to me this morning. Basically, the only benefit of wearing contacts is so you don't have to keep pushing your glasses up or clean them every ten minutes because you have that one mother fucking finger print. After that mortal catastrophe, I, applied what I thought was dry shampoo on my greasy ass hair, but no no no no no, it was HAIRSPRAY. I took baby powder (which, if you don't know, makes your hair look less greasy), and put it on my head. I do not know what I was thinking, because the baby powder just stuck onto my head and did not go anywhere. My mom told me to brush it out and, thankfully, it worked.

School 1st Block

My school starts at 8:15 and I live seven minutes away without stopping and no traffic. With all of that, it is about ten minutes away, and I know what you're thinking: you still have five minutes, that's not bad...oh on the contrary, you have to think of the events happening between pulling up to school and sitting in my desk for my first class. There are a lot of cars pulling into school five minutes before it starts, so it is always backed up. It takes about two minutes from the time I pull up to school to the time I pull into my parking spot. By this time it is 8:12 and I'm having a heart contusion by this point. My parking spot is in the very fucking back and it takes a minute to get inside the school building if I speed walk. Except by the time I walk in, the minute bell has rung and my class is in the fucking back of the school so I am huffing it to get there. I arrive as soon as the late bell rings, so I finally get to sit down and catch my breath before I learn some nonsense shit. I'm sitting in class and I just feel a wave of numbness go through my head, as if I'm about to faceplant my desk and become unconscious. I think it is just a morning thing. I get about five hours of sleep, I don't eat a proper breakfast, and I'm running around rushing myself to get to school; probably not a great lifestyle routine.

School 2nd Block

My second block is just a step up from hell. Out of about 25 students, there are three girls; me being one. I sit around some guys who like to fuck with me—not in a flirting type of way, mainly in an "I'm bored so I'm gonna annoy everyone I possibly can" way. Don't get me wrong, they annoy me, but not in a way where I want to strangle all of them. More in a "this is funny but I wish they would stop because I would like to pass this fucking class." In honor of today, I wore a Panic! at the Disco shirt, which has a triangle overlapping a circle with an eye at the top. One of the boys who likes to bother me turned around and said "Are you atheist?" this a question I get asked frequently, so I calmly responded no; people are always shocked by my answer—probably because most people assume the only two options for religion is either a form of Christianity or Atheism. This boy then proceeds to point out my shirt being the illuminati, saying that relates to being atheist. I correct him by explaining my shirt and he follows up with another question. "Do you believe in anything?" I say no for simplicity reasons and he asks yet another question. "So, do you just believe in science?" I say pretty much and this is when the funniest thing happens, he says, "That's good that you at least believe in something. I once met a guy who said he believed in squirrels." This was only funny because he said it with the most monotoned voice and completely serious. I wasn't sure if he was joking because that is just the kind of guy he is.

School 3rd Block and So On

This is when my day started looking up. This was my first day in the class, but the teacher and I were already familiar with each other. I love fucking with this teacher, mainly because she likes to act tough and because no one likes her and I don't see what is so bad about her. We are very similar: we don't take shit from either people, we can take shit and dish it out harder, we are both very blunt, and neither of us give a damn. I don't have much to say about this class just yet, but at the end of this class I have lunch, which I'm always excited for. I have lunch with my boyfriend and my best friend, so what more could you ask for? After lunch, we have a thirty minute period where you do nothing. That's it. Nothing. There is no point for that thirty minutes. I choose to do homework or sleep. Just something real productive...The point of all that is that I get a whole hour to just chill and do basically nothing. I usually have a fourth block but I didn't today because a tornado was supposed to come around the time we got out so we were let out after third block. It's been about five hours since then. It has only rained for five minutes.

Other Shit That Happened to Me Today

As I mentioned earlier something about Panic, if you are already a fan of the band, you may already know: Today, Panic is having a show in Cleveland, Ohio, which really fucking sucks cause I don't live near that. Come to find out that someone going to the concert will be live streaming it at 10:30 PM my time. This was fantastic news to me, except I'm taking the ACT tomorrow and I wanted to get a full night's sleep instead of my regular five hours. Honestly though, my priorities are Panic because I've taken the ACT twice and I've been preparing, so I'm not worried. Another great thing that happened to me today was my first block midterm score. My first block is very hard and I've pretty much had a D in there the whole time except for the last week. I finally got my grade up to the lowest B possible and I was completely content with that. The midterm made me nervous because my grade was so close to being a C that I had to do my best on this test. I took the test about a week and three days ago and the grade was just out it in today and I made an 89 on it—which is an average B. This brought my grade up two points and I was ecstatic. Last year me would be completely content with a C, but not this year me. I'm a junior in high school, which is a very stressful time, especially for me. I didn't give a damn about high school the first two years because I had always believed I wasn't gonna do anything after high school. I didn't have dreams, goals, or a passion for anything to make me work for something. Obviously my GPA isn't as good as I would like it to be. If you're wondering what it is, it is a 2.85. I've been busting my ass this past year to get the best grades as possible so I can raise my GPA .15 points. I didn't have goals until this year, now I have something to work for, but I'm scared it's too late. I'm gonna have to apply for college soon and I don't think I'll be able to get in to what I want, since I slacked off the first half of high school. If anyone is still wasting their time reading this and you're not in high school yet or you just started high school, please do your absolute best. Even if you don't have hope for a career after school or you don't have dreams, still try. You never know what may change throughout those four years, and I guarantee a lot fucking will. I've wasted enough people's time, so I'll stop here.


I never gave a fuck. I'm not starting now.

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