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14-year-old high school football player, sparking a scramble at America's top universities

by Nares Lapoiya 2 months ago in college
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14-year-old high school football player, sparking a scramble at America's top universities

With the inclusion of physical education into the college entrance examination, more and more schools and parents attach importance to physical education. Sports students with excellent performance are generally concerned by universities.

For example: "no sports not Tsinghua". Tsinghua University is very fond of sports students. In the U.S., where sports students are more popular than academic degrees, sports students who are still in high school are in good physical condition and are sold to top universities early on.

It is worth mentioning that football, basketball and baseball are the three most popular sports in the United States, and there have been scandals involving qualified athletes. "Good sports talent is often fought over by the top universities." A 14-year-old high school football player has attracted the attention of many of the top universities in the US after he pulled up 188kg and has received offers from several of them.

1. The amazing physical qualities of 14-year-old Taylor Park

Tyler Parker, a 14-year-old football player who was originally a student at Santa Margarita High School in the US, is 183cm tall and weighs 135kg, but a video of him dragging 188kg has caused a chain reaction on social media. Parker has gained thousands of followers and hits on various social media sites and has received offers from several top universities in the US.

The high school sophomore can push an astonishing 136 kilograms (299.9 pounds) on his stomach. In addition, Parker set an impressive 188 kg (414.6 lb) hard drive record. His greatest wish is to make it to the NFL. So Parker devoted himself to fitness and rugby. He's trying to be the best football player in high school. His coach described him as a "rare species".

Agility and explosiveness are very important in the fast - paced and competitive game of rugby. Parker certainly knows that. Despite weighing more than 300 pounds, he clocked an eye-popping 4.9 seconds in the 40-yard dash. For that weight, that's a pretty impressive run. It's comparable to Shaq.

2. Spark competition among the nation's top universities

Parker to unbelievable physique and excellent physical quality by the university of Arizona, Portland state university lynchburg, Virginia university, the university of Mississippi, Texas A & M university and Louisiana state university, at the invitation of the university of Arizona soon as he provides a rich scholarship, let many people envy.

A talented 14-year-old boy caught the interest of Ryan Vidalus, a former recruiter at the University of Oregon, after he pulled 188kg. "Taylor is the name we will be talking about for years to come," Vidales said. I remember this 14-year-old kid coming out of Orange County with amazing size and speed and athleticism. I want to watch games at Santa Margarita during the upcoming season!" Exclamation.

With his size and speed, there aren't many high school football players who could compete with Parker. He also got the attention of NFL star Gray Campbell of the Baltimore Ravens. He's a 14-year-old 300-pounder who walks the earth, and there aren't many people who can pull their weight up and do a couple of pull-ups the way he can.

Parker treats his academic classes like he treats sports. According to his Twitter page, he has a 3.36 gpa. He is without a doubt one of the hottest players in high school football and plans to continue trying to reach the top in the coming years. Although Parker has yet to reveal his next move, he has a bright future in the movement.


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