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Years of Injury - Can't Forget December 26, 2004?


By Zarinabanu ZarinabanuPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

'Tsunami` - 15 years ago it was not a popular word among the people of Tamil Nadu. But even if the word tsunami is unknowingly heard after 2004, something local will cause some fear, especially for those living in coastal areas.
December 26, 2004 - Can you forget that day? I was 13. I was from the coastal area. Although not directly affected I have seen its effects directly.I can still say that the fear that caused that tsunami devastation at that age is still deeply ingrained in my mind.It was the day after Christmas; And it's a holiday. But, unlike the joy that arises on a regular holiday, that day turned into a tragedy.Yes, because our house is on the beach, the day dawned on a relative's phone call to find out about the tsunami and inquire about our well-being.It took a while for us to understand the information that the tsunami was called a tsunami and that there was great damage and damage in the coastal areas. That word tsunami did not even enter the mouth to be pronounced for some initial moments.
We used to go to the beach area every Sunday to buy fish. But the scenes we saw there that day are still deeply etched in my mind.I never thought that the sea waves that soaked my feet while playing and the beach where I built the sand house would cause a great deal of fear in me.I do not know whether they came to buy fish or lived in the area. But it was as if something was pressing on me as I watched one or two bodies float ashore.In that vast outside I also felt like I was out of air just to breathe. At that age I could not even describe the fear that arose in my mind.
Although cottage areas are now greatly reduced, cottage areas can still be seen widely at that time. That, too, was the coastal cottage areas where the fishermen lived.The fisherman's quarters on the long beach were ground level that day. There I was able to find some damaged items besides the crumbling roofs and blown items. The only thing that made me cry was to think about the condition of the people who lived there.On the one hand, there were a series of phone calls and frightening inquiries from us when we got home.
But then I sat in front of the TV and watched the tearful tsunami. That moment is still remembered.I can only say that the scenes I saw in the television media over and over again as the voices of cries arose regardless of age difference between children and adults after the massacre of people caused a tsunami in me again.Some of the people who came to Nagapattinam, the district most affected by the tsunami, were swept away by the tsunami and the scenes of the victims being buried in layers kept coming to my sleep for a long time. Thus there is even screaming in fear in sleep.
Ten days later I went to school after the holidays and met my friends who were directly affected by the tsunami. Most of my schoolmates live near the beach.I do not understand what they are saying about the grief of losing the textbooks and even the uniforms they had read.Usually when I go to the beach and play, I have a great desire to be at the top of the ocean, playing so much in the morning that I can dive into the water with my mom and dad and I was terrified to see the beach after the tsunami.
My eyes, which until then had seen only the calm sea, were as frightened as the sea dancing with fury after the tsunami.Today a lot of changes have taken place in that area. But, only the scenes I saw that day are etched in my mind like an indelible photo.The tsunami warnings, which were rumored and true for several days after the tsunami ended, were causing great panic.Although I was not directly affected by the tsunami, the truth is that tears come to my eyes unknowingly no matter how many years later I think of the tears of the people who were so directly affected and the tears of those people who lost everything as relationships and possessions.


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