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Why "The Strid" Is The Most Dangerous River In The World

by Vidello Productions 8 days ago in Nature
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Situated on the river Wharfe, The Strid is a section of river that has become synonymous with danger and death while being the most dangerous stretch of river on earth.

What Is The Strid?

Situated in one of the most visited area's of the Yorkshire Dales in the United Kingdom sits a terrifying natural wonder that is part of the river Wharfe.

The Strid is a series of waterfalls and rapids where water from the river is forced, under great pressure, through a natural channel carved into the local sandstone.

Due to the incredible pressure from the river, which has basically been flipped on its side, severe currents have formed at great depths and carved out hidden caverns which have reportedly swallowed people whole.

How Dangerous Is The Strid?

The Strid is an incredibly dangerous part of the more passive River Wharfe and has claimed many lives over the years it has been in existence.

Several fatalities have been recorded on the stretch, including a couple on their honeymoon in 1998.

Extreme pressure from the water being forced through such a tight space has allowed a number of deep caves to form and anyone falling in could easily become trapped inside.

As the air bubbles rise, the victim sinks to the bottom of The Strid, which is incredibly deep as much as it is fast and the cliff edges force any potential victim underneath, pinning them to a certain doom.

How Deep Is The Strid?

The Strid could be over 200 feet deep

While there is no definitive answers on exactly how deep this part of the River Wharfe is, several attempts have been made to determine the depth of the canyon in which it sits.

YouTuber Jack a Snacks made several videos in 2021 that cover depth readings and other information on The Strid and include a sonar depth measurement device on the end of a fishing rod and GoPro camera sent to the bottom.

Measurements range from just over 4.6m (15 feet) deep to 65m (220 feet) deep and it has been reported that several divers attempted to measure the depth bac in the 1970's but were unsuccessful thanks in part to the violent torrent.

The river has numerous signs warning of the dangers and life-saving equipment is dotted along the stretch with visitors warned to stay well back from the slippery moss covered edge.

In medieval times the 'Boy of Egremont' is reported to have been pulled in and drowned by his dog and other reports suggest one person was even pushed in deliberately as part of a heinous murder.

Can You Visit The Strid?

The Strid in full flood

Visiting one of the most dangerous parts of the The River Wharfe is actually possible, even though it sits on private land.

The Strid can be accessed from the car park at Bolton Abbey and sits on the Strid Wood Walk, a popular trek along the natural trail that follows the river.

While visiting, you can also access the nearby Bolton Abbey and several cafe's with famous places further afield including Barnard Castle and The Lake District.

It is completely free to visit The Strid, however visitors are warned to remember the dangers of such a fast flowing river and the signs remind people that it is still one of the most dangerous places on earth.

Other Strid Dangers

While the fast flowing water and incredible pressures are synonymous with the wonder of "England's Killer Creek", other dangers lie in this seemingly tranquil environment.

Flash flooding is one of the most dangerous sudden events on the river and The Strid has been known to rise over 5 feet in a matter of minutes when large amounts of rain falls.

This, combined with dangerous overhangs, slippery rocks and unpredictable currents, combine to make The Strid one of the most dangerous places on earth.

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