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Why Recycle?

by Regina Brooks 10 days ago in Sustainability
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We need to do this...our environment

Recycling is good for the environment. Why do we recycle? I know I recycle because I heard it was good for the environment. I heard there is a huge hold in the ozone. Also, the trash is building up so much and making a hole in our OZONE layer.

So, why do we recycle? I have metal cans and plastic, and I have cardboard in my dining room waiting to be thrown in the recycling bin outside.

So why do we recycle? We have recycling centers everywhere. I feel like my dining room is a big recycling center because the whole corner is filled up with recyclables waiting to be put outside. I put all my recyclables there before I take them outside.

I took the trash out yesterday. I took the recycle bin out with it. It's full. I fill it up with as many plastic bottles, cardboard, and metal from cans. I fill my bin outside with all the recyclables we have in the house.

Why do we recycle?

Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle

It helps create jobs. If we start recycling, it creates jobs by providing recycled material and the raw material to make new products. Also, it helps save the environment by reducing waste in the landfills, energy from manufacturing virgin products, helps prevent global warming, helps create new demand for more products, helps the wildlife, helps the water, and it is great for our air.

It helps keep the energy low when manufacturing new products because it will be manufacturing recycled products. It's cheaper to make recycled products than new products. Using recycled products will help the ozone by helping the global warming which is great for our air. Also, recycling will help our landfills. Recycling helps our water because it uses less water to manufacture recycled products.

One of the greatest reasons to recycle is to save our trees. Our trees are beautiful. They are gorgeous with their green leaves and how they change with the seasons. We need our trees for air and they protect us. We cannot live without our trees. The trees give us oxygen and they help clean the soil in the ground.

we love our trees

Recycling preserves the land that is being used for recycling. Also, it helps preserves the landfill space too. All in all, recycling is good for the environment.

All in all, recycling is good for the environment. We should all recycle for global warming and for our trees. It helps keep the gasses down in our atmosphere by recycling. The gasses are the "greenhouse effect" from the energy that is from companies. This is the carbon dioxide that is building up in the atmosphere.

Our trees help absorb it along with recycling to make sure to save our trees. Making recycled paper takes less water than regular paper. So, in studying recycling, I have made the decision to buy more recycled products but also, recyclable paper. I use regular paper all the time. I will make sure to pick up notebook paper that has been recycled.

Also, I am going to make sure as much as I can use is reused to save our planet. Also, I'm going to try to pick up recycled products.

I knew someone a long time ago that was very stern about her beliefs on recyclables. At the time, I thought it was crazy, but now I can see what she sees. I see now why she was so stern in her beliefs about recycling. Our environment needs it.

we love our trees

Our mother earth is all we have. Our garbage keeps building up if we don't recycle. Recycling is the best because it helps marine animals too. The garbage that builds up spills over into our oceans because our landfills are full. We are building up over garbage over garbage. It is creating more carbon dioxide. And we cannot keep cutting down our trees that help get rid of the carbon dioxide.

Our trees save us daily. We need to save our environment by recycling.



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Regina Brooks

Freelance Writer, Background Actress, Student.

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