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What if aliens arrive tomorrow?

Are we alone in the universe?

By Durga PrasadPublished 9 months ago 4 min read

Are we alone in the universe? With over 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe and at least 500 billion planets in the Milky Way alone, shouldn't we have discovered something by now? Even if a small fraction of these billions of planets had intelligent life, there would be tens of thousands of extraterrestrial civilizations. However, we didn't see anyone. We keep asking why they take so long. But what if I told you that even the friendliest alien could destroy our entire civilization once and for all? This is what would happen if aliens visited us tomorrow. We tend to apply our theories to the rest of the universe. We welcome foreigners to visit, although we ourselves have not yet travelled outside our immediate area. We just think they had a lot more time to develop the technology to make space travel possible.

So here they are, with their shiny spaceship rumbling overhead. As far as we know, no government on this planet has any kind of "alien welcome party" planned for when aliens suddenly appear on the horizon. Just try to keep your cool. They say the aliens were very polite and sent us a signal before they invaded our planet's personal space. You wouldn't know it right away. Only when several observatories run by different organisations confirmed the yes signal did it become clear that the aliens were here. Now you know. There is shocking news on TV. "NASA has officially confirmed..." "Spacecraft sighted in the Solar System..." Agencies and countries around the world are working together to quickly assess the threat level. They enlisted the help of experts in linguistics, psychology, combat, and biology and attempted to make first contact with the aliens. Teams of experts record all interactions to analyse the aliens' simple gestures and auditory responses. These would help determine if the aliens came in peace or if they wanted to cause serious damage.

Some may think that religious leaders should talk about everything. Something tells me that aliens didn't learn our languages in school, so... Good luck to anyone trying to reach them. While the smartest people in the world tried to interpret the intentions of the aliens to the best of their abilities, you waited. Don't you love knowing what aliens look like? Some evolutionists agree that things like proteins and DNA are the same wherever you come from in the universe. If true, alien evolution would be close to human evolution. They would have binocular vision, with the eyes located close to the brain. Like us, they would be grounded and have at least two legs for locomotion and three fingers for manipulating tools. However, if some of our own life forms look like this, try to imagine something from another planet.

While the governments on Earth were busy working out a plan of action, the media kept you informed. It is recommended to stay indoors and wait for further instructions. It would be hard to tell the difference between what is legitimate news and what is not. But try not to fall for fake doomsday news on Facebook and stay calm. At least try to resist the urge to pack up and head for the hills. At the same time, governments and scientific experts share information about extraterrestrial interactions. From here, events can unfold in many different ways. First, we may not receive an auditory or visual response. Nothing. It could mean anything on an alien spacecraft with no aliens and aliens waiting to support their aliens. Another possibility is that the aliens reacted and tried to communicate without weapons. I can't speak to their possible intentions. For all we know, they might want to get rid of us and keep the country.

Communication may not go well because of the language barrier. Tension would begin to rise. We would be screwed. Given that these beings had the technology to travel to Earth, they probably also had the ability to develop very, very advanced weapons. Civilians would probably hit the panic button as hard as possible. Meanwhile, governments would put their nuclear weapons on hold. It would be our best and most destructive weapon against them. Or so we think... It may turn out that the aliens are reacting to things on Earth that we are all used to. For example, if their skin were to melt on contact with water, it would be easy to protect them.

I'm not saying that aliens will necessarily bring destruction to Earth. They may not mean any harm to us. But if some dangerous microorganisms from outer space left with them and entered our world, we humans might not have natural immunity against these alien microbes. And they could slowly wipe our species off the planet. On the other hand, if the aliens had not come here looking for friends, we would have been destroyed long before we could make peace between intelligent beings. In any case, we are not ready for a visit from interplanetary travellers. We better get ready for "first contact". Or should we try to invade alien worlds before they attack us?


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