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What happened to the 2-year-old girl in Turkey after she bit the snake back?

There was a scare and no danger

By ApostolakisPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
The girl who bit the snake back

On August 10 this year, a 2-year-old girl screamed as she was attacked by a snake while playing in the back garden of her home in the village of Canal, Bingo, Turkey. Neighbors arrived at the sound and found the girl with a snake about 50 cm long clamped in her mouth and a visible bite mark on her lower lip. Probably ignorant and fearless, the girl bit back bravely after being bitten by the snake. The neighbor immediately snatched the snake away and killed it, gave first aid to the girl, then called an ambulance and took the girl to the hospital, where after 24 hours of observation and treatment, the little girl's body gradually recovered and was in good condition.

The snake with the little girl PK may be a non-venomous snake species, it is a scare. Parents must look after their children and pay more attention to their children's safety.

Many people are afraid of snakes to the bone, but some people dare to bite each other with snakes, and such things do not only happen to ignorant and fearless children. Last year in India, there was also a "human snake bite" incident, but the main character in this incident is not so lucky.

It was an Indian man in his 60s named Rama Mahout who was drunk when he was accidentally bitten by a snake on his leg. This makes him very angry, after being bitten it did not turn its head to avoid danger, nor timely treatment of wounds, but on the spot and the snake head-on confrontation, through the strength of alcohol, grabbed the snake, to the snake bite several mouths, on its revenge. And in the process of his bite, the snake instinctively back to bite his face more than 10 times. Eventually, the snake was bitten alive by Mahout. The family wanted to take Mahout to the hospital for treatment, but he refused, convinced that: it was a young snake, not yet grown, and his body did not feel anything different, there should be nothing toxic or harmful, and felt no need to go to the hospital. Because he had drunk too much, he went back to sleep afterward. However, he this sleep, never woke up, the next morning, the man died of respiratory failure for many hours.

The police investigation found that the man "fighting" the snake is the green ring snake, which is one of the four Indian snakes, its toxicity is stronger than the general cobra, 2 to 3 mg is enough to take a life! The venom of the green ring snake contains a large number of neurotics, the characteristics of this toxin are that people are bitten, at first there will only be a slight pain, then the feeling will gradually disappear, gradually paralyzed, and there is no feeling, so it is often easy to be ignored by the bite, will think it is non-venomous snakes, they are not seriously hurt, there is no emergency wound treatment or treatment, and missed the best time to treat.

Whether venomous snakes or non-venomous snakes, as long as they do not provoke them, most snakes rarely take the initiative to attack humans, under normal circumstances, they will stay away from humans.

There are two main types of snake bites.

1. attacking in self-defense after being threatened (for example, when human steps on their tail and cannot break free).

2. to protect their eggs. Some snakes, if humans get too close to their eggs, may initiate an attack.

Under normal circumstances, many snakes are very sensitive and agile and will leave as soon as they sense humans approaching. Therefore, you can avoid stepping on a snake by "scaring it" to prevent being bitten. Take a stick or branch and beat the ground or weeds to create noise and tell the snake that someone is coming, so run away!

If you are accidentally bitten by a snake in the wild, the first treatment after the bite is crucial. If it is a poisonous snake bite that will make a person poisoned, the rescue is not timely and may be life-threatening. So what should I do after being bitten by a snake?

1. Once bitten by a snake, do not panic, first immediately stop moving and sit down to avoid accelerated blood circulation. Because if it is a poisonous snake, the toxin will circulate to all parts of the body after entering the bloodstream, and accelerated blood circulation will allow the snake's venom to be absorbed and spread more quickly by the body.

2. Identify the type of snake and whether it is poisonous or not. Most venomous snakes have a slightly triangular-shaped head and a pair of fangs in the upper jaw. A preliminary determination of whether a snake is venomous can be made based on the bite marks of the wound.

If it is a venomous snake, 2 large and deep teeth marks can be seen at the wound and they come from two fangs. In contrast, a non-venomous snake bite will usually leave only one or two rows of tiny jagged tooth marks. If you are bitten by a venomous snake, you need to receive treatment as soon as possible.

3. If the snake is confirmed to be poisonous, the wound should be treated immediately and urgently. For wounds, flush with plenty of water to slow down the absorption of snake venom. If the snake bite is on the lower limb, you can use gauze to bandage the wound at the proximal end of 2 to 3 cm to delay the spread of snake venom and loosen it every 15 to 30 minutes for about 2 minutes each time to avoid ischemic necrosis of the limb tissue. And try to squeeze the wound to discharge the poisonous blood and prevent the venom from penetrating deep into the body.

4. After the emergency treatment of the wound, it is necessary to quickly rush to the hospital for treatment, timely injection of the appropriate antivenom, and further treatment to remove the toxins from the body. Some venomous snakes are very toxic, if not the first time to get treatment, miss the best time there is almost no chance of rescue.

If you are bitten by a snake, whether it is a non-venomous snake, or a venomous snake, regardless of the bite, the body has a different appearance, you must remember the characteristics of the goods, you can directly take a picture with your phone, and then be sure to seek medical attention as soon as possible to inform the doctor of the snake's appearance, to receive accurate medical assistance.


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