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What exactly is teriyaki? Why can it be worth millions of dollars and is it worth every penny?

by Deljewitzki 2 months ago in Science
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The economic and medicinal value of Taiyuan

A few days ago, an auction company aborted the news suddenly reappeared online, 2020 Mr. Mo, who lives in Dalian City, went out on the way to a road near Fuzhou Bay in Jinni New Area and accidentally found a soft texture of the "stump", the "stump" was cylindrical, about half a meter high, the whole body reddish-brown weighing hundreds of pounds, the follow-up Mr. Mo asked a specialist to identify the stump confirmed that the hundred pounds of "stump "is the legendary Taiyuan.

Shenyang, an auction company its starting price estimate of five million yuan, but after paying the auction fee of 20,000 yuan something has been in the state of abortion. This news has once again caused a hot debate on the Internet, many users are curious about what in the end is too much, and why it is so valuable. Today I will talk to you about the things that are too old.

What exactly is a tan young?

In the early 1990s, some residents in the northern region began to find a soft texture, and smooth appearance of the meat mass, this meat mass is neither like animals nor plants and the relevant experts in the study of this object, in it extracted more than twenty kinds of slime bacteria and a large number of bacteria and mold, in addition to a small amount of yeast found in some samples, so experts believe that this thing is a mucilage complex, also known as the fourth life form. Why call it the fourth form of life?

Because scientists have found that this object has not found their kind in the evolutionary branch of life, it belongs neither to animals nor plants, in the bifurcation of the evolution of both, Taiyuan usually take bacteria and other microorganisms as their food, also have an extremely powerful regenerative capacity, which is very similar to the leach, researchers have tried to cut the Taiyuan into dozens of parts, but they do not seem to be affected by any But they have an interesting nature is that although they have an extremely tenacious ability to survive, but it is not like ordinary bacteria can grow quickly, instead it grows very slowly, the time is almost a billion years, but also because it is so long-lived, and later folk is called it too old.

In addition, over the years, researchers have found that there is no fixed size and shape, and even the color is not a uniform standard, the surface of some Visayans are growing similar to the annual rings of trees, but research shows that the surface of the circle and the plant's year a circle is different, and can not identify their age, it may be several years before a circle, the industry has not yet a definitive, so this is also called the There is no definite conclusion in the industry.

Since there is a tangible Taiyuan, there must be an invisible Taiyuan, invisible Taiyuan as the name implies is no fixed shape, it may be a pile, maybe a pile, may also be a large piece, in addition to the shape, the biggest difference between invisible Taiyuan compared to tangible Taiyuan is the difference in water content, generally speaking, the water content of invisible Taiyuan is very high.

So does it have food value?

Antithetic itself has a certain nutritional value, researchers have found in it a wealth of trace elements, such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, magnesium, iodine, and other elements are in it, these nutrients for the human body are also extremely necessary because these elements are the important substances that constitute the protein.

But this substance can not just eat, because its growth environment is generally in the soil, water, or some ravine, these places are generally bacteria and viruses like breeding places, so the Taiyuan can not do out of the mud, it is also full of bacteria and germs pathogens, direct consumption of human health, I am afraid not only will not form a good but also may be infected with a variety of diseases, so to carry out ,Therefore, it should be handled carefully before being eaten.

However, some people think that many mushrooms also contain most of the ingredients of Taiyuan, renaissances are expensive and unsafe, it is good to eat mushrooms directly, why Visayans are sold so expensive?

People say that things are precious because of their scarcity, and Taiyuan is also in line with this characteristic, because the growth location is more special, in our daily life the chances of Taiyuan being found are also very little, and its value is more by the business hype out.

When a rare product appears on the market, then the businessman for their benefit will do everything possible to increase its value, making this rare product widely sought after, which exaggerated marketing propaganda, such as eating a Taiyuan will prolong life, etc., after attracting the eyes of some rich people, there will be more and more people will compete to buy, then the price will also increase significantly.

There have long been experts who say that although the Taichung is rare, its economic and medicinal value is not very obvious and prominent presence, in other words, the value of the tail young is far less than its price to be so high. So you guys, what do you think about something like Taiyuan? Also welcome to interact with the author!


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