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"Watering vegetables with manure water" is questioned

Natural organic fertilizer

By Fei FeiPublished 2 years ago 6 min read
"Watering vegetables with manure"

Growing food and vegetables requires adequate nutritional intake to grow fast and strong, to ensure quality and yield. And a large part of the nutrient source is supplemented by fertilization.

The two main types of fertilizers commonly used by farmers today are chemical fertilizers and farmyard manure. Manure (excrement from humans and animals, etc.) is a common type of farm fertilizer. In the days before chemical fertilizers were invented, farmers would mostly use manure water to fertilize and water their crops. This fertilization method has a history of thousands of years in China. The agrarian proverb says, "A crop of flowers depends on fertilizer." The "fertilizer" here refers to agricultural fertilizer. But now, the use of manure and water fertilization in planting methods but greatly reduced.

With the improvement of people's living standards, in recent years, the practice of "manure watering vegetables" has been questioned. Some people think: manure water is smelly and dirty, there are a lot of germs, pouring on vegetables, there will be residues, is not conducive to human health. Some experts even proposed: "can not use manure water to water vegetables, planting vegetables watered with manure is not sanitary". So, can vegetables and crops watered with manure water be eaten in the end? Today the use of manure-watering vegetables is becoming less and less, this is why?

Can the vegetables fed with farmyard manure be eaten or not?

Human, and animal manure and dirty, containing parasitic eggs, bacteria, germs, and other harmful substances, many people are very resistant to water vegetables with manure, and think it is very unhygienic and harmful to human health! But, the planting process and the application of agricultural fertilizer are not so "dirty"!

Farmers know that manure can not directly fertilize the ground, it must first be fermented and rotted before it can be used for watering vegetables. The nutrients of trotted farmyard manure are mostly in the organic state and cannot be directly absorbed by the roots of plants. And if the manure is not fermented directly by watering, manure will be fermented in the soil, releasing a certain amount of heat, there will be a "burn" phenomenon, which not only can not provide nutrients but also inhibit the growth of plants, serious will be the plant "burned to death".

Almost every rural grower has a manure pond or manure pile for fermenting farm fertilizer, which will be fully fermented and rotted before being used for watering vegetables. The state also has a policy that explicitly prohibits raw manure from entering the field, and o use of organic fertilizer after fermentation and decomposition.

The fermentation process of manure water is the process of killing harmful bacteria by multiplying beneficial bacteria in the manure water, and at the same time, the fermentation generates a lot of heat, which will kill the harmful germs, parasites, and their eggs in the manure water. So after the fermentation of manure water, the possibility of harmful bacteria residue is low, which means that farmyard manure is actually not dirty, and many of the bacteria contained in it are also beneficial bacteria harmless to humans. And fermented farmyard manure will not have the bad smell of fresh manure.

Besides, growers in the watering of manure to fruits and vegetables, and will not directly sprinkle manure on the leaves, usually dripping in the soil around the roots, generally will not contaminate the vegetables and fruits, and splashed on the leaves that are clear water. And manure water sprinkled in the soil, the plant root system does not absorb the manure water directly into the interior. Manure water has to go through a series of transformations in the soil before it can form nutrients that can be absorbed by vegetables.

In addition, manure watering does not continue throughout the entire growth period of the vegetables. Usually, farmyard manure is used before planting or at the beginning of planting, and when it is about to enter the ripening and harvesting stage, farmers will stop watering manure, so there is no need to worry about the manure water getting on the vegetable leaves. Even if the manure watering seeds, occasionally splashed on the leaves, after the wind and rain, compared to chemical fertilizers, pesticides will also be safer, and roasted vegetables will also be rinsed, high-temperature heating, contaminated bacteria will also be washed off and killed. So vegetables watered with manure water are safer and can be eaten with confidence. Such vegetables are truly green and pollution-free vegetables. And the market price of vegetables grown with farmyard manure is higher than that of vegetables watered with chemical fertilizer.

As for a certain expert's previous remarks of "can't use manure water to water vegetables", by watching his full interview video, we can find that he said "can't use fermented manure water to water vegetables", after all, directly with raw manure watering vegetables, vegetables may have germs and other The video is a good one.

What are the advantages of farmyard manure over chemical fertilizers?

Compared to vegetables with chemical fertilizers, vegetables with fermented manure are tastier, healthier, more natural, and more, environmentally friendly.

The reason why fruits and vegetables grown with rotten manure water taste better than chemical fertilizer vegetables is that the nutrients contained in farmyard manure are more comprehensive than chemical fertilizers, which can provide richer nutrients for vegetables to grow and make them grow better, so it improves the taste and quality of vegetables. Chemical fertilizers are synthetic, although the nutrient content is high, the composition is simple, relatively single nutrients, and can not fully meet the needs of plant growth. Therefore the application of chemical fertilizers to grow out of agricultural products, eat more bland and tasteless.

The rotted manure is a natural organic fertilizer, which is locally sourced and low cost. Farm manure applied to the planted soil, fertility, fertilizer effect is stable and long-lasting, but also can improve the soil structure, increase the soil's ability to absorb and retain fertilizer, but also to make the soil loose and soft, a good effect on the soil.

And although the chemical material fertilizer is quick to develop fertilizer, the fertilizer effect is rapid, but the fertilizer effect lasts for a short time. And the unreasonable or excessive application of chemical fertilizers will lead to soil consolidation, destroy the soil granular structure, make the land lack fertility, affect the planting environment, and reduce planting yield and quality. And with the increase in chemical fertilizer application, will cause certain pollution to agricultural products, soil, water bodies, and the atmosphere.

It is because farmyard manure has so many irreplaceable advantages of chemical fertilizer, in the use of chemical fertilizer has become very common now, but there are still some farmers who prefer to trouble a little and insist on using manure-watering vegetables so that vegetables grow healthy, better quality taste while cultivating the fertility of the land.

Why is there less use of farmyard manure now?

Although the use of manure water to grow vegetables is more natural, more delicious and healthy, and more environmentally friendly, whether for the crop or soil, have the irreplaceable role of chemical fertilizers. But manure water growing vegetables are becoming rarer and rarer, and most farmers growing vegetables today are switching to chemical fertilizers.

On the one hand, because now many rural areas have changed from dry toilets to flush toilets, livestock, and poultry are raised less and less, want to collect real manure water is not easy. And farmyard manure planting methods, need to go through the process of composting, fermentation, maturation, and composting, but also to be carried to the field, planting up than the use of chemical fertilizers to work much harder, need to spend more time, and energy.

On the other hand, the technology of making chemical fertilizer is now more and more mature, and the use of chemical fertilizer has become very common. Chemical fertilizer does not need to be rotted, it is easier and faster to apply, and it has the characteristic of a fast fertilizing effect. The application of chemical fertilizers is more convenient and less troublesome for vegetable farmers who grow vegetables in a large area, and the effect of increasing yields is good and can be absorbed and used quickly after application into the soil.

Today's market can rarely buy vegetables watered with farm fertilizer, the vast majority of the market supply is planted with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Only farmers eat vegetables for their own families, only with manure water planting, basically will not take to sell. This green food, you want to eat, but really can not eat!


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