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Want to know the horoscope for the week (2.22-2.28)?

Ascendant dominant, Sun supplementary

By cly mumfordPublished 2 years ago 13 min read
Want to know the horoscope for the week (2.22-2.28)?
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Last Sunday, Mercury resumed its transit, which was the end of the first wave of watery retrogrades for the year. Did you feel a sudden sense of relief? During the period of the water retrograde (since 1.31), we have experienced a lot of repetitions, unexpected events, and even things that have refreshed our outlook, especially teamwork, friends/lovers who may have had a lot of unpleasantness, or even felt a bit distant and unreliable. Next, it will all be adjusted and alleviated. Let's say goodbye to the lethargy of life after the New Year.

(ps. "Rising is the main indicator, Sun is the supplement", easy to understand the horoscope)

Last week, you had problems with chest congestion, fever, and d, and iarrhdiarrhease you lived a rather indulgent and irregular life, but you will be fine after a good rest.

This week at work, after the holidays, your work pressure will gradually increase and you may also have some urgent matters to deal with and coordinate, but your problems can be solved if you improve your efficiency. Some of you will be filled with anxiety, perhaps because you are spending too much, and are anxious to make a difference at work and prove your worth for a promotion and a pay rise, or some of you who are about to graduate will be worried about not being able to find a job with a satisfactory salary. The Full Moon at the end of the week heralds the end of some project work and you will readjust your pace and plans.

In terms of finances, you will spend money in a chaotic and unplanned manner, often spending money as you go along or in less practical ways, so to avoid regrets later, spend money sensibly. Some of you will have to spend money on pet care and maintenance.

In terms of health, there is more mental stress and some people will suffer from diarrhea and gastroenteritis. You may also have more frequent dreams at night, although not all of them are bad dreams, but they can affect your rest somewhat.

Emotionally, for those who are single, you are much less social these days, preferring to be alone, so getting off the hook is unlikely. Some people will have some ambiguous flings, testing each other out for two days, but won't establish a relationship easily. For those who have a partner, the other person will be more sensitive lately, prone to neglect messy thoughts, and not very good at expressing their feelings, you can take the initiative to care for each other more. Some people will encounter dogged events or conflicts over money or spending views.

Advice: Don't delay what you have made up your mind to do.

Last week, although you felt warm and relaxed at home, there were still some family conflicts that flared up and some people may even break down as a result.


This week at work, you will need to integrate more often into the group and work with everyone else, you may also have group building and organizing activities together, the overall atmosphere is very good. Outside of work, you'll be more proactive in making new friends and looking for more opportunities to work together or earn money, further expanding your network. After a few days of relaxation, the second half of the week will start to get busy. You will need to deal with matters given to you by friends or leaders, or backlogged work from some time ago, and you will need to be more conciliatory in your interpersonal dealings.

On the financial front, you will have more expenses on parties with friends, social engagements, or running your contacts. But you may also have opportunities to earn money through friends and a wide social circle, and you can try to spot business opportunities from the group.

When it comes to travel, you will be in a bit of a hurry, but it is important to take the proper precautions and have your health certificate ready in advance so that you do not delay your trip as a result.

Emotionally, for those who are single, you will meet some new people and have the chance to get out of a relationship, although you may not want to enter a stable relationship just yet. Once the relationship gets closer, you will want to pull away. For those of you with partners, one of you will have become more assertive recently, always expecting the other to do what you want and for no one to back down, but this approach won't really bring you to an understanding and will only add to the tension in the relationship.

Advice: If you think too much, life will lose its joy.

Last week, there were a lot of chores at work, but you were in good shape and were able to concentrate on getting things done quickly. Some Twins may get a promotion and a pay rise, or find a more satisfying job.

This week at work, you will need to adjust quickly from your previous relaxed, casual state and concentrate on your work, otherwise, you could easily run into some problems because you are not keeping up with the pace. As Venus enters your career house, you will be able to get along with your colleagues, and you will be able to get help from people in your workplace. For those who are looking for a job or interviewing for a job, things will go more smoothly and some of you will find a satisfactory job and join a new environment.

Academically, some of you will get the results of your previous exams, but the results will be different from what you envisaged, they may be superb or somewhat unsatisfactory. A full moon occurs in your house of family and your focus will fall on family and housing matters. You will be dealing with moving, renewing your house lease, or finding new housemates, and some of you will have conflicts with your roommates and family members.

Emotionally, for singles, you have good interpersonal connections in the workplace and will have more interaction with certain people and perhaps a peach. Some of you who were previously chatting and developing your relationship will now be getting clearer. For those with partners, communication between you is much smoother, but it's easy for conflicts to arise over money. Try to talk things through and don't be suspicious of each other. Some of you may be thinking of starting a family.

Advice: If you can't put something off, why not just do it right?

Last week, you went to deal with some financial issues, such as banking, paying arrears, fines, taxes, etc. Some of you enquired about insurance.

This week at work, interpersonal issues are sensitive and you and some people may end up working together because of irreconcilable conflicts. You may also have to share the work of other colleagues, so it will be a bit hard. Some of you will be constantly busy with social engagements, socializing, or having arrangements to sign contracts, competitions, or interviews. If you have to deal with some rights or lawsuits, things will go more smoothly with the help of Venus.

Academically, you will meet some good mentors and with their help, your studies will be in better shape. Still, there will be some changes happening in your studies, such as exams, rescheduling of school start dates, or a lot of social activities that prevent you from concentrating on your studies, and you will have to adjust yourself to adapt.

In terms of finances, you will have a spending spree on travel, tourism, studies, or the idea of buying electronics or transport. Some of you will go online shopping and nautical shopping, but you may also receive unsatisfactory items and have to deal with returns and exchanges.

In terms of relationships, for singles, you have the chance to meet a peach while studying or on a trip, and the two of you will have some minor flirtations, but will not establish a relationship for now. Some of you have someone to develop, but you will feel a bit scared to enter into an intimate relationship. For those of you with partners, your relationship is more strained and conflicts may break out over friends and third parties. Some of you will be a little extreme in the way you approach your feelings, but it's best not to speak or act on impulse, otherwise, the relationship could easily go to pieces.

Advice: Don't hurt those who love you, as they are most likely to be hurt by you, while others won't care about you.

Last week, you were still very motivated in your studies. You may learn some new skills, improve your abilities or think about the direction of your future development and set goals.

This week at work, you are almost fully committed to the goals you want to achieve. It's not uncommon for you to stay up late and work late, even when you're not feeling well. But be careful if your body can't take it anymore and it delays your work. Some people will find the workplace environment a bit torturous, with leaders pressuring them and colleagues getting along with each other with a touch of gunpowder, making it easy for friction to arise. But you don't need to be too anxious, despite the difficulties, this is also a good time for you to break through and transform.

On the money front, your luck in terms of partials improves and you will see a significant increase in the funds and stocks you invest in, or get a reimbursement. Some of you will open new bank accounts, apply for credit cards, or move forward with reimbursements.

In terms of health, you should also pay more attention to your health issues. Your body may be prone to fires, falls, burns, or experiencing a recurrence of occupational diseases. Some people will learn about and prepare for some medical aesthetic procedures.

Emotionally, for those who are single, you have a chance of getting off the hook, although you may develop the other person as a business partner or partner and not move towards a partner. Or you are still in the ambiguous stage and your relationship is not clear. For those of you with partners, you will be communicating about investments, financial management, or how to distribute your shared wealth.

Advice: be regular, go to bed early and get up early.

Last week, as you found your rhythm in many things and were able to execute and move forward steadily, your inner stress was much reduced and your health improved.

This week at work, you won't be particularly busy, you'll just need to take stock of the problems that arise at work and solve them, so there will be less tedium. With Venus changing its position, your cooperation luck improves and you will put more energy and attention into your relationships. You will be active in pursuing opportunities for cooperation and may be able to implement some projects and contracts during this period. If you are going for an interview or negotiation, there is a chance that both parties will reach an agreement and things will go much smoother.

Academically, you are in a restless state and you will also encounter some annoying things that will make it very difficult for you to study at your best. Some of you are frustrated with your relationships and shift your energy to studying, studying extra hard on your studies. As the Full Moon approaches, something very important that took up most of your energy some time ago is about to fall into place, perhaps a work project or an exam that you have been preparing for a time. The time has come for you to take stock of these experiences and start new plans.

Emotionally, for those who are single, you have good luck with peach blossoms and may meet up with someone you like to hang out and get with a step closer in your relationship. Some of you will meet someone who is actively pursuing you, although this could also cause problems for you. For those with partners, your relationship is generally stable and warm, but sometimes conflicts may still arise over money and spending, so it is advisable to talk to each other before making decisions in this regard.

Advice: rely on yourself to have dignity.

Last week, you started to slowly get into the swing of things, and some of you will be looking for other spices in your life to enrich and spice it up.

This week, in terms of work, you may come across opportunities to showcase yourself or take on new projects, but you may feel some pressure up front, leaving you still a little unsure. For those who are looking for a job, or who are ready to jump into a job, you may be presented with an opportunity that satisfies you next, and receive good news about an interview invitation or an offer to join the company. For those who are working on projects, you may encounter some temporary situations towards the end of the week, when someone snitches on you or you face some undue competition that affects your mood and state of mind. If there are paperwork and tax matters, make sure you handle them carefully step by step, otherwise, problems may arise.

On the financial front, some of you may receive project bonuses, and commissions or have the chance to increase your salary. However, there is not much relief from the recent financial pressure and you may still need to deal with bill repayments or may deal with loan-related matters.

In terms of health, sleep and rest have not been very good lately and you may experience insomnia, excessive dreaming, sleeplessness, and lack of mental focus. A small number of people may have a medical check-up or have to pay more attention to the health of elders or pets in the family.

In terms of relationships, singles may be busy with work and there are no too obvious chances of peach bloblossomingr the time being. If you have had an ambiguous relationship before, then the next step may be to see the other person's true colcolorsllowing you to make a final decision. However, a small number of people will still have a hard time escaping the nagging of their families to marry them. Those with partners may be too busy with work to take care of their significant others. The two of you are also likely to have some arguments and disagreements over differences in living habits. A small number of people may find out each other's secrets.

Advice: Take advantage of the present to embrace your new life!

Although you won't be able to escape your parents' scolding, your peach and people skills have been on the rise since last week, especially for single babies, so take advantage of it.

This week, if you are negotiating or pushing forward with a project, you may encounter a strong partner and your communication will be full of fireworks, resulting in slow progress. In your daily office, pay more attention to saving documents and files to avoid missing or losing them. Some of you may have business trips, or you may participate in groups, departmental gatherings, or, external events, and have the opportunity to meet new contacts. for those who want to leave their jobs, they may start the formalities or make up their mind, or they may have the opportunity to join a new company.

On the financial front, you will have good fortune recently and may receive an unexpected sum of money or re-claim a previously owed amount. However, you may also have to pay for favourfavorss and so on. You should also be careful not to spend too much on the spur of the moment.

On the study front, you may be preparing for an exam, such as a driving school, online course, etc. Don't worry too much. Don't worry too much, just be positive about it.

Emotionally, singles will have a good time with peach blossom next, with opportunities to attend parties and events and meet new people. It's a good time to exude personal charm, especially for those who have an affair, and may receive a confession of affection shortly and may choose to do so. Those with partners may have a short perperioday from each other. Although the relationship is slow to heat up, the mood is still relatively good in a short whisper: There is a higher chance of successful pregnancy preparation in the near shortly

Advice: let yourself out!

You may still be in a state of the holiday, though menial tasks have already begun, especially when it comes to communicating with others, which can make you feel a little irritable.

You will be busy yourself this week when it comes to work, but things may be a little slow in terms of efficiency. On the one hand, this could be due to team mates slowing down your process, on the other hand, it could be that problems left over from before reappear and disrupt your rhythm, don't worry too much, you will still encounter help from others; some of you may be dealing with things like taxes, reimbursements, final payments, or signing up for partnerships. Towards the end of the week, there may be good news about work, such as a promotion and pay rise, or the confirmation of a new partnership. Of course, it could also be about a personnel transfer in the workplace, a possible parachute drop, or the induction of a new workmate. For those who are thinking of leaving their jobs or jumping ship, you can also start to move forward shortly.

On the financial front, you may have to deal with repayments or loans, and some of you may encounter advances or recover advances; living and entertainment expenses will be high recently, and some of you may have to pay rent or change your residence.

In terms of health, you should be aware that you may encounter cuts and bruises in your day-to-day life, or that you may suffer from a lack of concentration or rest. You should also pay attention to the health of female elders in your family.

In terms of relationships, singles may go on a blind date or meet someone nice at work, but you will more likely want to enjoy being alone or enjoy

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